I thought I would share a progress photo. First picture is from 10/31/14. Second picture is from 3/12/15. I still have a ways to go and goals to meet, but I’m feeling good about the work I’ve done in the past few months.

Work until your idols become your…friends? Haha. These past couple of days were unreal. Whether he believes it or not, this guy here has been my biggest inspiration since I first started my fitness journey. I remember first coming across his story online somewhere randomly almost 3 years ago. It really hit home. I’ll always remember what he said in one of his posts: “Your dreams are closer than you think, reach out and grab them.” He’s taught me so much, but mainly: to get back up when you get knocked down. When I hit that “follow” button all those years ago, I wasn’t at all expecting that bbbenwilliamson would come to my home town to visit. I wasn’t expecting that he would now be a mentor to me, and honestly become one of my greatest friends. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team. And thank you for believing in me. Time to make a difference. #DBWH #wearecrush #crush60 #crushfam #beyourownhero #worldworkshop #thankful #morethanmuscle #fitness #health #wellness (at Determined Gym Poughkeepsie)

Today sucked mentally. Idk what it was, but all day I felt just bleh. Maybe it was that the clothes I was wearing just weren’t flattering. Maybe I still feeling bloated from the bad things I consumed. Maybe it was just bad lighting lol. But I went into the gym and killed a shoulder/bicep workout. (Thought of aubernutter every time I worked my shoulders lol). I looked in the mirror and thought “I’m not fat. I haven’t been wasting my time. I haven’t ruined my progress with a bad weekend. I am on the road of progress and my destination is success.” It’s all about perception and perspective. Gotta keep your mind in check so your body can follow suit.

Looking back at you…you’re 20 and you hated your life. You were a pro soccer prodigy kid with a cocky attitude and you were about to make it. One motorcycle crash and you lost it all. Then came the drugs. The drinking. The depression. You gave your life to something and it suddenly slipped out of your hands. You’re scared I know. You’re starting to feel like you’re not worthy. You’re with a girl who’s cheating on you but you won’t leave her because you’re scared to hurt her. You’re used. A tool. You have no direction. You’ve given up.

You decide to get to the gym and do some bench press. You haven’t been inside a gym since your soccer days. You throw on some weight to warm up. You do one rep and your collar bone snaps back in half. You get back in a cast and fail to complete the semester of school because you feel so sorry for yourself. You’re a failure.

You had just turned 21 in this pic, kid. Looking rough. What is that, a treasure trail? Nice work. I know you won’t believe this, but listen up.

By age 23 you’re going to be on the cover and centerfold of an international magazine that produced over 2,000,000 copies. Pretty cool man. You’re going to be plastered all over Cellucor.com. They make that new c4 stuff you seem to like. You’re going to be featured on bodybuilding.com and countless websites. People are going to interview you and ask you lots of questions. You’ll take 2nd in a bodybuilding competition, you’ll place inside the top10 in an international fitness model competition, and you’ll start two businesses. You’re going to travel outside of the county with Cellucor dude! Your first time out of the country. How cool is that?

By 24, you’ll land another cover, a centerfold, start another business, become an internationally published author, write an ebook, get signed by the same modeling agency that made Channing Tatum, and land work for sports authority, sketchers, and more. You’ll find the girl of your dreams, you’ll quit drinking yourself to sleep, and you’ll find happiness. You’ll change lives and help others love themselves. You’ll inspire hundreds of thousands of people and you’ll do it all while being a good person. Get to work… You have a lot of shoulder raises to do.

Keep your head up kid. I’ll see you on the other side. It’s fun over here, but we’re just getting started. PS - when you wanted to, but you were too scared to… Kiss her.

I have got to stop playing and get my focus tuned in if I want to reach my goals. I’ve been working hard but I feel like I’m only at 80%. No more. I have to 👏 step 👏 it 👏 the 👏 fuck 👏 up. I made a four year plan for myself (physically, financially, and otherwise) and the only way to reach my goals is to get to work. So no matter what other people think or what I’m sacrificing, I am determined to be the very best I can be and reach beyond my dreams. I will work my ass off and do more than anyone expects.

I am not exceptional. But I AM going to BE exceptional.

“Remember those things we were all meant to fear.
And laugh as we realize they all got us here.” Today’s session fueled by @daghostinside 👌🎶 (thought @swolbraham4l
would appreciate those lyrics haha)
Used to be terrified to workout, especially at a gym now it’s like my second home, it’s where I go to see my second family. Used to be terrified to deadlift, now it’s my favorite exercise. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Break through. #crushfam #wearecrush #crushmasseffect #crush60 #DBWH #fitness #wellness #health #beyourownhero #DEADLIFT

Somebody asked me to share the changes I made in the first year. I was so proud of that conditioning. More proud of the smile. Wish I could go back and watch myself. That was the hardest I’ve worked in my entire life. I wanted something so I took it.

I’ll be sharing my entire story with pictures on my blog. It’s already typed up online at benwilliamsongroundup.blogspot.com but I’m transferring it to my website for you guys to get inspired.