150302 - 14 Episodes we want to see on Running Man

The TVXQ vs JYJ Episode - Junsu,Yoochun, Jaejoong, Max & Yunho

Once upon a time, these five talented guys were the ultimate boy band in Korea. Even years after three of the members left and formed JYJ, people still talk about the original TVXQ 5 and hope for the day when they will be reunited again. Since we know the likelihood of that happening is slim to none, what better way to finally reunite them than on a variety show? Every one of the guys are extremely athletic and would be able to take on the challenges of the show. In addition, these former best friends might work out their differences with a little healthy competition.

The Kyu-Line Episode - Kyuhyun, Minho, Changmin, Jonghyun & Suho

When the Kyu-line becomes so famous that they get their own TV show, you know it’s past time for them to appear together on “Running Man.”  Ryeowook was one of the original Kyu-line members and Infinite‘sSunggyu is a newer friend of the group. However, the five members listed above are the closest of the clique and would be a funny addition to “Running Man.” I’m sure Kwangsoo would also try to join Kyu-line, with Jae Suk steadily blocking his advances!

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Yunho and favoritism

Yunho , Why so harsh on Junsu~

*Nose Bleed* , Yunho sliding on Jae~ This should be +18 , :’

Hold up , now he wraps his legs around Jae’s waist and … tickles his armpits_-_

WOW , I sense favoritism , He was so harsh on Junchan, and he went easy on Jae, Leader-shi has a soft side for his BooJae ~ Off course ;D