So as some of you know

I ordered violet dolly eye lenses from but I ended up getting blue contacts instead. Iunno if someone else got my order instead or what. I just know that I don’t have what I ordered. So I checked the email confirming my order and it defiantly said violet and the top of my bottle received said blue and was an electric blue color. So I emailed them letting them know I wanted something fixed about this and they treated me like I was dumb. “You sure they’re blue?” No… I’m fucking color blind. Hence why I care about changing my eye color so god damn much… So I’m all yeah I’m sure. So they said they’d send the right ones in. I assume I send mine back after I receive the right ones because well.. They can charge my mom’s credit card again if we don’t send them back and I just want the right ones. I’ve waited more than then time to receive my incorrect ones and assuming they want their blue ones first…

So I’m debating whether or not I should just keep my blue ones and move on and buy purple ones from somewhere else, for cheaper and from somewhere that my friends have recommended me. 

I mean the blue ones I got are a beautiful color and will amplify my eyes because they’re already blue/green and they’ll make them look bigger. So they could be fun and all but I bought my purple ones for a cosplay where the purple eyes are kinda a key thing. And I’ve always wanted purple eyes.. I’ve got a purple eye anime character obsession.

But aside from that, what do you guys think I should do? Return my blue ones to get the correct ones or just deal and get a new pair?