Favorite bloggers of 2011.

In short, my forever follow blogs. ;)

youdefineit - I just love her! I used to talk to her all the time but then she went busy with school and went nada. She’s into bands and concerts. And blah, blah. <3

myohmychrisdrew - If you didn’t guess what type of blog she is, then you’re slow. She’s also pretty nice and sweet to me. And well, responsive - which is what a lot bloggers these days are missing. I like her a lot.

iloverefotsirhcwerd - I followed her back mainly because she loves Never Shout Never. Afterwards, we got into talking and stuff. She’s only 12 - according to her bio - but she’s really sweet to talk to. And she also talks to me about stuffs which I pretty much adore. I don’t think I’ll ever unfollow her.

dazzledatfirstsight - I put her under the ‘post anything’ kind of blog. I personally loved her for posting/reblogging posts about Logan Lerman and BooBoo Stewart. Oh, and I guess I should inform you that this is the girl that is attempting to steal BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) from me but she’s chill.

fashionfreak16 - She told me I’m pretty! loljk. I just.. Just check her blog. You’ll know why I followed her. And she’s also a Filipino. :D

h0neyd3w - She send me some messages when I’m in one of those moods. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the grace of meeting. I hope I can return her kindness someday. Also a big fan of NSN. And real pretty. :3

And the other bloggers I talked to that are chill:  rabbitd0ubt,  nopoliticsjustmusic,  itshalogenbeybean-unsuspecting-van, and imawomanhearmeroar.