Dasia is a very sophisticated animal. One of her greatest achievements was winning the “Girls Who Rule the World” Essay Contest. She keeps herself occupied doing things she enjoys such as: modeling, drawing, swimming, and helping out in the community through volunteer work. When she is not busy she enjoys eating, sleeping, jumping on couches and learning about life. The people that inspire her most are Lady Gaga and India Chairman. By being a part of the Teen Team she hopes to meet people that are as passionate about art and life as she is. 

anonymous asked:

M!A: Golden Freddy ( Golden Freddy is taking control of you In this M!A) For 3 days


MANGLE: Good god, what have you done, Anon! I zought we had somezing special! 

GOLDIE: I getsh fwee mowe daysh outta dah stowage woom!? Yay! 

((A Message from the Mun: This is the last M!A we will be taking for a while, considering Mangle is already missing his arm till tomorrow. Furthermore our significant other goes into surgery tomorrow so we will have a lot on our mind. The only reason we agreed to this one is because it will actually make the asks easier to draw. XD Anyhow. A note to everyone please avoid sending us M!A’s for a while. Got a lot on our plate without keeping an outside constant for the asks. I am sure you will all be very understanding of this situation, and for that I thank you.))