Spoilers: Week of March 9

Monday, March 9

Adrienne has words for Will for his betrayal of Sonny. (New)

Paul realizes Tori is purposely avoiding certain people in town.

Thursday, March 12

John provides Paul with a reason to stay in town a little longer.

Friday, March 13

Will blackmails Tori!

Lucas tries his best to get Paul to stay out of Will and Sonny’s marriage.

mathandmascara asked:

girl why are you posting so much Days of our Lives and why can I recognize it without reading your tags?

because it is an addiction, a terrible terrible addiction, and I came so close to breaking it - I went almost 2 weeks without watching a single episode (because I’ve been working at another office) when a girl from my usual office texted me freaking out about what happened 

it’s a problem and I need help