days of future past

You know what I just thought about? Everyone is giving Joss Whedon hate, calling him racist because of his apparent whitewashing of the twins. The film never even touched on or makes mention of whether they’re supposed to be Romani or not, but rather simply Eastern European which I think they fit perfectly. Also, did no one see Days of Future Past? A film that ACTUALLY had the backstory from the comics for Pietro– sorry, I mean Peter, with his actual polish, Jewish father, and he was literally about as white as you could possibly make a person. I don’t see anyone calling Brian Singer racist for that…

Also, Joss started the movie with a team of five white guys and one woman, and gave us a team of one white guy, two black guys, two women, and a robot. Just saying…

A Beautiful Piece of the Hidden Cherik Love Story in First Class.

I thought I’d take a moment to share this with all of you.

This is a piece of the hidden love story that I’m slowly uncovering in these posts. I know the posts are long, but this story is worth it. I promise.

It’s a reward for sticking with me through all this so far. Enjoy this Cherik moment.

It truly is one of the most beautiful and tragic love stories I’ve seen in a long time.

Here’s a glimpse…

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