days are numbered

AU where Rin and Rei were dating for S2E12 (haha... hahaha)

“Rin. I’m glad you called.”

Rei couldn’t help but smile, though it was weak. Everything that had happened at the festival the night before was an unhappy blur, culminating in himself and Nagisa heading home after bidding farewell to a distraught Makoto. He was worried about his friends, worried about the state of his team, and his boyfriend was just the person to lift his spirits, if even just a bit.

Or that’s what he thought, until Rin actually spoke, in a tone that was halting and apologetic.

“Hey, Rei. Um… I had something to talk to you about. Do you remember me mentioning that I got invited to visit Australia?”

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Before conflict in Yemen broke out four weeks ago, 10 million
people were going hungry every day. That number has now
reached almost 12 million.
We are urging the government to push for a permanent
ceasefire in Yemen, so that vital humanitarian assistance can
be delivered to people who desperately need it.

If you agree that violence doesn’t help those who are already
suffering, please SHARE this post now. 

I gave a wrong number to a guy by accident last night. It was really hard to type and my fingers kept slipping and I remember reading it when I was done and thinking ‘whoops, that’s not right. Oh well, nbd.’ And this morning I lay in bed looking at the ceiling and was like ‘it sort of is a problem though, since phone numbers kind of need to be exact…’

On the sand you can see a line of blue, they are thousands of little jellyfish called velella velella. They washed ashore. This is not a normal thing for them. They are about the size of the space that your fingers create when you signal okay. The beach will stink for a few days because of the huge number of them.

Straggle’s no good day... in numbers!
  • 15 hours between leaving home at 06:50 and arriving at 21:55.
  • 3 different schools
  • 70 students
  • 4 different neighbourhoods.
  • 3 bus rides
  • 2 train rides
  • 2 subway rides
  • 1 yoghurt eaten on the street as sole calorie intake for the day (it was also non fat, but that’s just cause it was the yummiest).

My remedy:

  • 1 burger.
  • 1 large pile of fries.
  • 1 yummy dessert.
  • 1 vodka-based cocktail
The Days I Spend (One Shot)

TITLE: The Days I Spend 
AUTHOR: songficsandoneshots
GENRE: Romance/Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: A chronological order of events regarding Tom’s relationship.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: So this is different from anything I’ve written before. I hope you like it. I thought it was very beautiful.

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axollo asked:

Their marriage wasn't that big, but on the warm sunny day, the number of guests sprawled on blankets seemed to triple in size as Nico felt them watching him. In all honesty, the question wasn't embarrassing, but he could see the curiousity etched on his husband's - his HUSBAND's - face as he began to answer. It was a relief to see Will throw back his head and laugh, his blonde hair practically glowing in the sunlight, as he said, "Only pretty cool? Annoying, I understand, but only pretty cool?"



Neil Hilborn - “Ballad of the Bruised Lung”

“When you’re dumb enough for long enough, you’re gonna meet someone too smart to love you, and they’re gonna love you anyway, and it’s gonna go so poorly.”

Neil Hilborn, performing from his new book at YouTube Space LA.  Subscribe to Button on YouTube!