Plan for this afternoon from now on:
  •    First I’ll help my mom with changing the bed-sheets/covers,
  •    Then I’ll take a nice (long?) shower and put on a little bit of make-up, just because I feel like it,
  •    Go to the supermarket, which is open until 5pm, to buy some oliebollen <3 On the scooter of my brother, because I haven’t driven a scooter in a long time and I miss it,
  •    Then I’ll go back home(/my mom’s house) and let myself fall down on the couch and watch a movie (Tangled! ;D) and probably some ‘Once upon a time’ after that,
  •    By then it’ll probably be dinner time ;D
  •    I’m gonna video chat with Rhian somewhere, because she offered me that yesterday and I feel like it’d be nice n____n
  •    And I’m gonna stalk Laureanne in between all those things -grins-

   What do you think? Looks good, huh? ;D

On my way to #ind14, day 2. #digitfolk and maybe a slice of #stoneduck. But #idd14 FOR SURE! Sneakin’ out @flockvis. YAY!

#OMW2 #OnMyWayTo #dayplan at Stockholm / Tukholma – View on Path.