I used to have dreams of a girl

She would look at me with her infectious smile,

Those beautiful brown eyes glazing into my presence

She was beauty.

She was my craving.

I dreamt of her for years upon years,

Hoping to find the girl of my dreams.

There she stood,

Right before my eyes.

My heart beating irregularly.

The touch of her skin conjoined with mine.

I am in love.

I am falling head over heels.

I have changed.

Family is where we stand.

Love is what we acquire to give.

Forever is where we’ll be.

I’ve found the girl of my dreams…


Angelica Perez


These guys are honestly the best. defiantly cheer me up when in a shit mood, and im sure they will cheer y’all up to:)

go check out their videos and even subscribe, honestly worth it. 

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they da best. <3


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