Il est facile de s’imaginer pourquoi posséder un navire amphibie : plus d’ancrage, plus de droits de port. Liberté, à la fois en mer et à terre. L’Iguana 29 vous donnera ce plaisir. Il rassemble la plus moderne des technologies et le meilleur des matériaux. Il est confortable, spacieux, raffiné, mais aussi délivre une puissance à la demande. Un bateau étonnant, unique au monde, et réservé à quelques privilégiés.

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This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is talking scallops with Togue Brawn from Maine Dayboat Scallops. Having worked in and around Maine’s fishing and seafood industry for over 20 years, she obtained a Master of Science in Marine Policy in 2002. Basically, Togue knows what she’s talking about - the fishery, the management, and the product. Starting from the basics, Togue explains the differences between a scallop fresh out of the water versus what consumers find in the grocery store, as well as which parts of the scallop are typically used in the United States versus around the world. Togue goes on to give Erin a rundown on diving for scallops and the current market for the popular bivalve. After the break, the scallop seasonality is discussed, where Togue states that the Federal Fishery has year-round scallops, while fishermen abide by set seasons and weight limitations. Tune in for a great talk on the scallop! This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Slate.

"What really matters is how quickly they [scallops] come to market and how they are treated at market." [16:00]

"Right now about 80% of the value of Maine’s fishing comes from lobster. We’re largely dependent on the lobster resource, but that’s not how it used to be." [25:40]

Togue Brawn on The Farm Report


My internet got cut off until today, so just got a chance to post things. I did not have a thanksgiving dinner, but i cooked for 3 people for my friend’s birthday. It was my first time opening fresh sea urchin and scallops. My birthday friend loves sea urchin, so i decided to make him and our close friends a uni dinner. All five dishes contain sea urchin (uni) in the dish. The first one is uni, caviar, tobiko, prosciutto and quail egg on top; second dish is my favorite - Uni scrambled eggs crostini with smoked salmon and caviar; the next one is uni on dayboat scallops (5 seared, 5 steamed); and then, it’s uni and truffle chawanmushi; the last one is uni pasta. - Iris