Don’t ever underestimate a fuckin white boy,especially from socal,white girlz welcomed daily…


White boy,White boy do your dance…


Yo Quiero tirar chingasos—-by:Johnny Chingas…This is a classic,Pandero Classico para todo los matons patrons tiarando chingasos n los barras…YYEEAAA…


Knights in white satin…here is something to get you in a better mood…

My minds manacle by:Christopher Stephen Cluney

Baffled barbarian babels of confused jibber-jabber nonsense condensed inside this mind of mine………Ballads of bewildered noises twaddle and paddle up my brain with witty barbaric shrills of significance……..My minds battle cry’s,manacle malformation to personal extent……RRRRRAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR…UUUUGGGHH..

teddy cuff

Here’s some artistwork from one badass artist from Los Angeles to japan,”Usugrow”,from the swerve festival-it’s called-“Learn of light by defining a shadow”.-“I happen to have a Usugrow inspired tattoo on my left leg calf,it’s alright but not compared to this and his other work’s of art.


Frequency healing sound 528 hz….

"And if you listen very hard,The tune will come to you at last,When all are one and one is all, yeah,To be a rock and not to roll…"-Led Zeppelin—Stairway to heaven

— Led Zeppelin—   Day2Day1nSociety

Sketched transcendent triumph...By:Christopher stephen cluney


Brisk minded sparkling reinforced self-reliance blared fierce thoughtful autocratic encouragements engaging authentic axiom cemented ceremonious cerebral progression decipher fictitious fluent divine grasp encumbers tightly brightly fastened explicit benevolence in circulate spherical circulation channeling characteristics outlined with focused charm forgiving joyful value   


Atmosphere —Scapegoat—Just relax & let the kush take its course

Glacial Genesis Gets Glass Guidance by:Christopher Stephen Cluney

 General-population,greatly gorges grotesque,graphic,gritty,greedy gibberish,gruff grunting gurgled,grimace granting garbage,globalized & garnished,guaranty gabbled glowers,gleaming ghastly glum,gripping greatly gesturing guiding goaded godawful gist grim gentility,germinating gnarled glorified gluttony,generating gaseous gaudy generations,given goofed genius…


"Heart of a lion- by: Kid Cudi "—-This song always uplifts me whenever 
I’m feeling stressed… 


The Expendables-Bowl for two- Here’s some bomb-ass music to toke a lil bit too…”Let’s get Stoney-Faced”—-bing or google or type into your search engine—Day2Day1nSociety—-thank you—

"passion on a digital screen"-by:Christopher Stephen Cluney

She is graceful as a ballerina,her presence is breath taking,I try my best to get notice but she keeps passing me by like pharcyde,I’m one out of a thousand, when I finally get some attention,her screen freezes in a pause,then I think to myself in all my disillusion that it’s a lost cause,so I scroll down the browser looking for her avatar by far I’m intrigued by her looks & her day to day conversations about herself,but I know I can make it even more amazing,I P.M. her but their’s no response,am I just a pond in this game because I despise those taunts,but then I snap back into reality,wondering who she really is,not just another pretty face but a person with a lot more to offer,even though she doesn’t know how much she means to me,I must be a really lonely man,I think to myself what is behind this beautiful face I see on this screen does she struggles like me or is plastic as the credit card I use to tip her,anyway she makes me feel happy…
"All that encumbers me"- By: Christopher S. Cluney


 A Cloud of magnificent smoke puffed out from one toke off dank,keeps my head changed in marvelous ways…Thoughts surround me with the voices of people I meet in the past my family,friends,advocates,adversary’s,acquaintances revolve around & round like a carousel at a carnival in the back of my brain,different cerebral sensations cover the grooves that run deep within to maintain sanity kept away from insanity,connecting nerve to nerve making images heard out verbally all in due time with a current jolt sending vibrations fluttering shockingly encumbering every inch of my body,then their’s a pause at my heart when I sneezed,My pulse stood frozen for a point of a second,I am weigh-less right now,but suddenly revived by reflux of adrenaline crashing through me like a stampede of raging buffalo,taking me by storm…A Rush of hunger bursts into a flow-ward motion towards the refrigerator to make an electric signal to my hand from the mass of this 3lbs or more that I keep inbetween the left & right ear,tells me inside to swing that handle to open that shit so I can grab a half thawed out extra big hot pocket that I picked up at 7-11 at 12:30 in thee night time when internet porn got boring yesterday…I even had some Chocolate silk soy milk that tasted better when I added some extra nestle quik to it,when I shifted my above average build 180 degrees my opposite back to my place on the pedestal of writer’s in my sanctuary I call my room where I hibernate on what I would write next maybe even something as random as this cluster of sentences I just put together,Whatever it maybe,It all will spill out my mind,into something that makes halfway sense,to me & even more sense to you that’s not non-sense but total common sense when your senses sense a trace of a sense of a smudge into a shape of what once was abstract but intact into indifferent meshes of mess,blended in course come together for a purpose to distribute into a multi-universal combination I like to assure to everyone that as difficult as it seems yes my mind isn’t detachable…Thank you.