Day 138

I’ve just realised that I’m like a less religious Vicar of Dibley in real life. The way she acts and the embarrassing things she does are exactly the types of things I do on a day to day basis. Basically my destiny is to become Dawn French. I’m just going to embrace it at this point. 

I had a mock exam today and I think it went kind of well. I was writing up until the last second and it went into lunch so there was literally just me and another girl left in the class by the end of it, but I’m feeling good. I remembered my key dates, I know my linguistic change processes and my acquisition theories. It’s all fine and dandy. I may have passive aggressively written an entire paragraph on phoneme sequences after my teacher questioned my understanding of them the other day though. The nerdiest of nerds.

Your song of the day is Out At Sea - Young Brando. They supported McBusted on their first tour so I’ve seen them live and they were pretty good. I don’t even know if they’re still an active band, I just quite liked this song. 

Over and out.

with spring comes change

and i can pass off tears for allergies

but we all know it’s not true

because we all know that even though

my eyes are burning

it’s not all allergies

pollen isn’t why my eyes

are red and puffy

so much is going on

that affects me more than

allergens in the air

but i can still pretend that’s so

I think I may shake myself to pieces
with energy
desperate to escape
when that happens
I clench my fists tight enough
to leave fingerprint bruises on my palms
and still
I am terrified
of where this feeling comes from
and even more–
how I cannot find a way
to let it go.

May 18

Internal overload

“Oh, I don’t think I need to relive that.” Lydia shook her head quickly.

“Everyone has to relive their greatest hits sometime.” She grinned, giving her a wink.

The doctor chuckled, but shook her head still. “I’ve sworn never to speak of such things.”

She gave a dramatic frown. “Come on, Doc. I could be on death row.” She immediately knew she shouldn’t have said that. The doctor’s face fell.

“You can call me Lydia.” She spoke, pushing a smile onto her face. 

She smiled, glad she switched the subject. And then she wasn’t.

“What do I call you?”