Over the years, the scripts and things that I’ve gotten, it’s like, you look at them, and you know, especially, being a feminist and all those different things, you want to always be portraying women in this really strong and smart and beautiful way, and it’s like, but that’s not really, also, true, and to really have true equality, it means representing the women out there who sometimes aren’t the best, and sometimes do make mistakes. Those are the types of things and types of stories that I think really inspire me, why I want to do film. It’s to kind of give life to some of those people, sometimes when they’re bad, sometimes when they’re good, that maybe you really hadn’t thought about putting yourself in their shoes. That’s why it’s extremely important for women to be writing their own stories, truly crafting those stories, writing them down, directing them, and giving them to people to really emotionally become impacted by. Because when my mom tells me a story, or my grandmother tells me a story, I’m riveted. It’s a life lesson to me, it’s a look into a time capsule of what their experiences were, and it just is a revelation for what could possibly happen in my future. That’s invaluable, and we need more people doing it.


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