dawnthebrawn answered your post: Alright ya’ll. Here’s some squat train…

Oh my god get your elbows back before you break your wrists! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

actually never heard that one lol.. wrists feel fine, i wrap them just in case,  but since I have hypermobility (double jointed) in my elbows this may be why it looks scary? I dunno. I did get red lighted by one judge at the last USAPL meet I did because my elbow touched my thigh at the bottom of the lift. This was when I was going more ass to grass, which I suppose I will have to move back into. 

Now you’ve got me all worried about something I never even considered lol.

dawnthebrawn said: Maybe try eating more fats with your lunch? I find that I get ravenous about an hour and a half after lunch if I don’t get enough fat. Half an avocado usually does the trick!

Thanks for the suggestion! I took some edamame with me for lunch today under the impression that it would add some healthy fats and more protein to my meal (because for a while I found that incorporating more protein kept me feeling full for longer), and generally my snack for the day includes some kind of nuts/seeds, but I’ll give the avocado thing a try the next time I go shopping.

naiiveorleans answered: if you’re bored with regular cardio, then go for it :) i find it to be really effective, and it keeps things switched up

I actually don’t do a whole ton of regular cardio anymore, and I haven’t since last semester. Given the fact that I play softball, and am not doing steady-state cardio when I play, I thought doing intervals seemed more practical.

dawnthebrawn answered: Why would you want to? Address the why, and then try it and see if it answers the why!

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Part of me wants to because I miss running and the feeling of accomplishment that it brought (which was different from the accomplishment I get from lifting). On the other hand, there’s another part of me that is attempting to be very sneaky and wants to do it because it ‘burns more calories’ and I’m rather worried that that is the part that’s influencing this decision. But thank you for reminding me to consider the ‘why’!

dawnthebrawn replied to your post: I havent had a haircut since September 2011 

I feel ya, but I finally found someone awesome! Its possible!

I hope so ;-; I’m just extra nervous because the stylist my cousin told me to see is only in on the days that I can’t go, so I made an apppointment with someone else… And I want a haircut now before I chicken out/its just too ugly u_u

I hope I can find my forever-stylist today ugh that must be so wonderful :’D