for my star stable players..

For the people who do not play this game, it is a virtual horseback riding game with an awesome storyline and overall fun to play. Here’s a link to their website if you would like to play along: click me!

I, too, have been playing the beloved horse game for quite a while now and as many of you have probably seen while either riding near valedale or fort pinta these mattress looking things. If you haven’t seen them, this is what they look like:

Me and my friend, Jacqueline Eaglestorm have noticed that these “mattresses” have been appearing everywhere. After finding one in Golden Hills Valley, she noticed something peculiar about the white thing. On it, two symbols are placed next to each other; one that’s a star with a circle on one of the points, and the other a circle with multiple lines running through it.

so this raised two questions: a) what does the star mean and b) what does the circle mean

We decided that we should check the other mattresses in order to see if they had the same symbols. I ran to the hollow woods and took a picture of the mattress there while Jackie went to fort pinta. What we found was rather interesting.

The dot that was on the corner of the star was not in the same place.

Finding this, we decided it was time to map our finds. I opened up a (outdated) map of Jorvik and began to fill out the areas where we had found the mattresses. Since we only knew of the three mattresses, we mapped those and decided we would wake early tomorrow to find the other locations as a light shines from them in the morning.

As I begun to map out the areas, I noticed that they had been pointing in the direction of a star.

It was clear we needed to find the other two.

I tried finding the mattress that me and Jackie had both claimed to have seen during our explorations. Our tries, however, seemed futile. I thought I had ridden over almost every single patch of grass and collided with every single tree and rock that that forest had to offer. I had even stopped to ask a couple of other riders along the way if they had seen it to which they both replied, “no.”

So early the next day I went out at around 8:00 AM and sought for the mattress. The lighthouses and Observatory lights were on so I knew that the mattresses would be lit, Going to the edge of the forest, I found the cliffside from which you could see some of Jorvik. From there I could see the fort pinta mattress.

I had searched for a couple minutes before resorting to just riding alongside the cliff when-


Sending a quick text to Jackie, I went to find the star mark. It was a little difficult to find it since most of the mattress had been covered with shrubs, but eventually I did. Here I had rotated the picture so that you can compare it with the other mattresses.

Deciding that this mattress was one of the final sides, we updated the star map to what we had found.

Now all that was left was to find the final mattress. But we hit a bit of a problem. Seeing that the mark that the mattresses made on the map meant that the last mattress would be in an undiscovered area or VERY deep in Dino Valley.

We resorted to emailing the star stable team of our finds. We are waiting for a response in a couple of days.

After a couple of days, we finally received a response. They said:

 It seems to me like they had not planned anything according to it or they were trying to avoid the subject by talking about their developers instead. This either means that they have not put any thought into this, or they have something planned but they are not ready to reveal it yet.

 What do you think? My name in-game is Lilly Dawnheart. Feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions about this theory!