ok, my bro and i went through all the MC youtuber crue and decided their houses, answer if you have any issues, i’dd love to know what you think

Mitch - Gryffindor for his bravery 

Seto - Slytherin for his leadership

Jerome - Hufflepuff for his kindness

Sky - Gryffindor for his resilience against the squid armada

Deadlox - Ravenclaw for his cleverness

Husky - Hufflepuff, putting the huff in Hufflepuff since < insert birth year here> and because he never swears and is friendly with all

Kermit - Slytherin because he will cheat and do anything to get ahead, but we love him anyway.

Sundee - Hufflepuff because he will protect his friends in an instant 

Dawn - Ravenclaw because it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about

TrueMU - Gryffindor because a creeper walked past him in disturbed dimentions and no fucks were given

Gizzy - Slytherin because in the pyramid of temptations map he sacrificed his bros for some gold

None of the characters will be portrayed negatively in the works, but they need houses :P

watcha think?