Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people.  So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong.  Write characters who are people.


First Wizarding War Edition [x]

Dawn Withey ✶ Halfblood ✶ Seventh Year ✶ FC: Mila Kunis ✶ OPEN

Not everyone in Hufflepuff is full of sunshine and rainbows, and no one proves that better than Dawn Withey. A rough and tumble kind of girl, Dawn is never afraid to mix it up with anyone who says anything bad about her House, her friends, or her blood. With the temper of a Gryffindor and the ambition of a Slytherin, Dawn was Sorted into Hufflepuff for her work ethic, as there is nothing that she doesn’t put 130% into. She gets excellent marks in all of her classes, she’s held a starting position as Beater for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team since her fourth year, and she was a prefect for her fifth and sixth years, only losing that title to take on the mantle of Head Girl. Though she can be rather arrogant, Dawn knows her own shortcomings better than anyone else. It doesn’t stop her from picking fights with other students, but she does know her limits when she feels like acknowledging them. She’s best friends with Hufflepuff’s captain, Gwenog, the two having bonded over Quidditch years ago.

  • Best friends with Gwenog Jones
  • Head partners with Jackson Sheppard
  • Still holding a grudge against Edgar Bones
Alright, Badgers. [Private/Hufflepuffs]

We got two days before the game. You know what that means. Eat right, sleep your eight hours, and drink lots of water. No junk food, no liquor, no smoking until after the game, starting now. Workouts after you wake up and before you go to bed and team practices before and after lunch, you choose which you go to. And we’ll all know if you cheat because we’ll see your performance compared to everyone else. 

This goes for the whole roster, first line and reserves. I will not accept a loss our first match of the year. This is my last year here, my last year as your captain. I love you all dearly and I’ve been proud of you every single match we’ve played and I would really appreciate a win.

Now go to class or wherever the fuck you were headed. Owl me if ya got any issues with anything.


Dawn Withey ϟ Waitress ϟ FC: Jena Malone ϟ TAKEN

↳ Dawn walks a fine line between being sweet and manipulative, usually falling towards the latter unintentionally. It seems that she always knows exactly what to say and when to say it in order to get what she wants, a talent that she does nothing short of abuse. But the one thing that Dawn could never talk her way into was the Gryffindor Quidditch team, though she’d been trying to since she could remember, forever stuck as a reserve Beater even in her last year. Fortunately, as a girl who rarely suffered from jealousy or petty feelings of envy driven hate, Dawn spent her time on the sidelines training herself to be better instead of lusting woefully after a position that she knew there was no use in crying over. Those years of hard practice have paid off, and now Dawn is ready to try out for something bigger and better than the House team: she’s ready to try and talk (and play) her way into the big leagues, sights set on the English National Team. 

These things take time though, something that Dawn learned the hard way, and though she wants this more than anything, she’s not willing to waste her life pining after a “maybe.” A recent Hogwarts graduate, Dawn now finds herself working at Snidget Cove in Wander Lane, biding her time and saving up enough money for a new broom to go to tryouts on. Her natural good looks and easy going personality make her a target for attention that she’s gotten more than used to, especially at her job, and regretfully on her part she’s been the cause of more than one happy couple splitting up. Lucky for the girls who have boyfriends with wandering eyes, Dawn would much rather focus on Quidditch and just being a good mate than she would using her powers for evil. 

✔  Easy going, athletic, persuasive

✕   Blunt, competitive

Additional information: 

  • Future Beater on the England National Quidditch team
  • Gryffindor class of 1977