Y gwâs a’i gariad yn gadael

tua thre,

a’r gwair olaf lond y bondo.


Saib i sefyll yn dawel;

ystyried y tymor,

ac efallai

i ddiolch yn ddistaw.


Mae’r pentyrrau aur

yn glyd,

ac wrth droi tua’r tŷ

daw dafnau cyntaf y glaw

i estyn llaw i’r caeau llwm.

crabschtickz asked:

can dancest/dawell please be a thing i really wish it was a thing D:

IT IS A THING! (almost)

Dan was the one who made it a thing himself [here] [drawing]
Then Ellie wrote a fanfic about it [here] 
Someone else wrote a very short ask-fic [here] 
And here is the tag on my blog [dawell] 

That’s all the dancest/dawell I’ve ever come across. If anyone knows of any other fics/similar, let me know!

Changed my url

Previously dawell, I have now changed it to Phancest. I figured that’s pretty much all I write anyway.
(Though if you want to tag me in a post you could still use the dawell tag… maybe? I wouldn’t want to spam the phancest tag)

Also thank you to the kind damndanyul who gave me the url. You should follow her, she’s a nice person!

anonymous asked:

When are you going to finish your teacher/student phan?! I'm dying without am ending!! D:

Oh right, sorry. I forgot that’s something I haven’t finished. Good thing you reminded me!

I’ll try to finish it this week.

anonymous asked:

please write an ending to student/teacher - I wanna know if the head finds out!

Ah, okay. I’ll probably start writing that later this week as I have a lot to do with school right now. But I’ll get it up eventually! :)