David6of7… He was fine when I was using the normal camera on my phone but when I flipped it to front facing to do a selfie he flipped out and threw his head up. I think he might have seen the image on the screen moving and got scared. I let him smell my phone and rubbed it on his face though and then he was fine :) thanks for the compliment!

To my new friends and longtime ones - thank you. Close by is a powerful lightning storm. Farther away is the #autumnal #superharvestmoon Beyond the #moon is the planet #Jupiter beneath it. I have close friends and friends I am just meeting - all of you are a fascinating as these three subjects no matter how close or far. Thank you for your support. For those that don’t know this image is one frame I shot in the electrical storm but I wanted that Full Moon and Jupiter. #planet #space #sky #weather #clouds #storm #davidvelez #david6of7