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The Ice Bucket Challenge

While I have survived the initial bout of nominations in New Zealand, with the return of the challenge having gone viral in the States, there is a chance I may be nominated. So far, both my brothers were nominated back in June but didn’t nominated me so there’s still a possibility I will be nominated and wreak my vengeance… in nominating. 

With the resurgence coming from the US, I had seen the odd (and usually the same) celebrity Ice Challenge videos so I looked into it… yeah… the videos were all over the place from youtube, to twitter to vimeo to instagram. So I decided I needed a list of the ones I have found so far.

NOTE: Just so y’all know… the list is updated constantly so you may need to recheck at the source for new additions. Feel free to message me if I have missed someone.

Edit: I saw this pop up while this post was being reblogged so here is a mini-list of links for donations:

So here we go. (NOTE: I am not American so I didn’t include many of the US athletes or political figures since I have no idea who most of them are. Like I know who Tom Brady is because of Family Guy.) Oh and the list will keep growing as more and more gauntlets are thrown down (that means people/celebrities being nominated)

The list (as of 25 August 2014 NZ Time) and in no particular now in alphabetical order. Bold=just added


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