canadianloner asked:

I didn't even realize how famous you are and you follow me ohmygod lets be friends.

OMG! Sweetie, I’m not famous at all ! ! I just do some crappy edits now and then and reblog things about Doctor Who or David Tennant (okay, mainly DT… I’m so obsessed!)…

But if you want to, lets be friends indeed! I will be honoured to be your friend! Here, take that:

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1. When was the last time you visited a public pool?

Does a hotel pool count? If so then the first week in November, if not then probably a year or 2 ago….

2  Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Not really… I was really really sick when I was born though, I got pneumonia within my first 24 hours of life and doctors told my parents to start preparing for the worst, but I have not had a life flash before my eyes type of moment.

3. What scares you about the future?

Everything! I am so so so nervous about getting into grad school, especially considering I’m a junior in college and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, I am just going to apply to a bunch of programs and whichever one I get into (if I get into any) is what I will do. I also fear that I will never get married because all the girls I went to high school with are starting to get married and my dating life is non existent, I just fear being never being  loved like that… 

4. If you could travel back in time to one historical period, where would you go?

Such a good question!! Maybe the 20s because I would love to go to 20s parties and wear a flapper dress and drink champagne, it just looks like fun! I love the Great Gatsby so I feel like it would be fun to kind of experience parties like that.

5. Do you still own a VHS player?

I don’t but my parents do, so sometimes when I go home I watch old disney VHS tapes :)

6. What is something that should be against the law but isn’t?


7. Have you ever met anyone famous?

I have met that starkids that did the space tour  :) I have also met a lot of famous dancers and choreographers at dance conventions/competitions 

8. Do you act differently communicating online than offline?

I don’t think so…

9. When you don’t get along with someone, is it usually you your fault?


10. What 2 things drive you crazy that people around you might do?

When my roommate doesn’t do her dishes, like to the point where they get moldy in the sink ( I still love her though, it just gets really annoying sometimes, it doesn’t help that I can be kinda OCD about cleaning) and people not giving me gas money when I drive them everywhere.

11. What makes you feel more loved, when someone spends time with you, or when someone gives you a compliment?

When someone spends time with me :)


1. Where would you live if money wasn’t an issue?

2. Are you a theater fan? If so, favorite show?

3. Favorite song at the moment?

4. Top 5 books?

5. The TARDIS just landed in your room and the Doctor will take you anywhere in all of space and time, where do you go?

6. What is something you love about yourself?

7. Favorite superhero?

8. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

9. Any tattoos? If so what/where? If not would you get one and what would you get?

10. Where did you go on your last vacation?

11. Where do you want to go on your next vacation?