The Zoology Department (Cabin in the Woods) by Alex Pardee / Blog / Tumblr

6” X 6” individual originals of all 34 monsters featured in the film. Housed in a 46” X 39” custom *isolation chamber” frame made by Dave Correia. Available HERE.

Part of the tribute art show, “Joss Whedon x Gallery1988” now on at Gallery1988 / Tumblr.


Dark Matters" at Bash Contemporary.

Opening this Saturday, May 31st at Bash Contemporary in San Francisco, California is the three person show “Dark Matters" which will feature brand new work by artists Robert Bowen, Caitlin Hackett and Dave Correia.  All three artists share a cold, disconnected aesthetic that results in horrific creatures and nightmare-scapes.  Though haunting, these works are beautiful and stunning.

Check out more works from each of the artists and a glimpse into their studios where they work below:

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