something i thought about last night

there’s kind of another layer to davekat in that if dave has been alone on a meteor with a lot less stress for three years, would that mean there was some development of him coming to terms with liking guys?

Dave’s character was all about hiding things behind a chill façade. there’s no doubt more insecurities at work than just “his bro died” and the “i’m not a hero” complex. what if one of those insecurities was growing up unsure of his sexual orientation? those barely come up as character points in homestuck as-is (despite mountains of fan discussion). But could that have been a thing that he’d been kind of holding back revealing because he needed a way for it to happen naturally?

also think how perfect a foil that would be for him and karkat

karkat is also a character introduced with some heavy insecurities that he hides by being the exact opposite of chill about everything.

them being in a relationship would also represent them being comfortable with those things they were once insecure about, because they are representations of what the other tried to hide.

Karkat is male. Dave is red.

Dave Strider

Unpopular headcanon: pan-romantic, homosexual.

Honestly I dont believe Dave was ever able to be intimate with Terezi, causing her to feel neglected and then piled on with her guilt over vriska, she felt unlovable. That caused her to become more reciprocative of Gamzees blackrom. It also explains Various subtle (often dismissed) hints towards Dave being “gay” (which is to say i think his sexuality is a bit more complicated than just “gay”)

I do not doubt, however, that he was ever in love with Terezi.