The Life of Death
Author: yellow-turtle
Artist: chargetransfer
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Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in

- Anthem, Leonard Cohen (1992) 

When the world reverts to its original state, blossoming anew with life, Castiel still exists. This is the story of Cas and death, and the lifetimes he spent to find Dean Winchester again.

What is the cause of Castiel’s perpetual resurrection? And if he keeps coming back, will he continue to do so after the universe ends and beyond?

Datus Myers and his wife Alice moved to Santa Fe in 1925. They lived on Camino del Monte Sol, and were neighbors with ‘Los Cinco Pintores’. Myers is known for his graphite and colored pencil drawings, but he was also an impeccable oil painter. Here’s an untitled New Mexico landscape by the artist. 

here’s the problem: responding angrily to something makes you sound like your argument is based on a knee-jerk emotional reaction rather than fact. you can cite as many sources as you want, but you have no credibility once you’ve insulted the person you’re arguing against. not only have you lost the opportunity to change someone’s opinion, but you’ve now associated any correct arguments you’ve used with petty, whining, childish behavior, and that association will apply to every future conversation your opponent has about the topic, no matter who it’s with. in a perfect world, people would be able to separate logical arguments from someone’s inability to express their opinion civilly, but we don’t live in that world.

tl;dr swearing at someone will not prove your point, even if you’re right.


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DATU PUTI song cover with Anica Ordan

Jaký to musí být, sbalit si věci do kufru a na půl roku opustit svůj život, opustit známý lidi, známý ulice, známý situace, a udělat krok do neznáma? Jako jo, já vím, do světaodjíždí spousta lidí, ale pro mě je tohle nový a čerstvý a pořád se trochu bojím mít radost, kdyby se něco podělalo, i když už jsme vlastně domluvení. na datu mýho příjezdu, pomalu to šířím mezi svoje kamarády a známý. Nádech, výdech. Od poloviny srpna z jihu Švédska. Ííík!

So in the course of my job, I have discovered that people CAN name their children after numbers in Malaysia.

Meet the former State Archive director, Datuk Datu Tigabelas Datu Zainal Abidin (Datuk is a title, Datu is if I’m not mistaken some kinda hereditary title I may be wrong, the last three names are the patronym).


You named your kid thirteen. What.

On my way to Datu Piang, there was a huge crowd at the plaza of Sultan Kudarat Village. There were lots of vendors and hawkers selling their colorful wares. As I found out, it was a day where residents line up to get conditional cash transfers or CCTs provided by the government. And it was a perfect day for hawkers to sell their goods, from fabrics to kitchen wares to cellphones. Sales was good said a vendor, but only when events like this happens. With a staggering 62 percent poverty incidence or with five in every six resident living under less than a dollar a day, Maguindanao is at the top of the poorest place in the Philippines. But cash assistance has been widely criticized by Filipinos, saying that it was just another form of corruption by government officials - a band aid move without really addressing the real causes of poverty in the Philippines.

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I had Smurf rice for lunch while in Lahad Datu.. Or locally known as Nasi Kerabu #food #foodporn #smurf #foodfetish #foodgasm #nasi #Kerabu #delicacy #travel #adventure #akulapar #nyaman #jeep #bruneijeep #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscodaily #vscophile #vscoaddict #ilovemyjob #medialife #ghkmotors #snapseed #chicken #fish #pandan