Humanstuck Lalomi and Adarna met as school dormmates/roomies yo.

Lah’s the daughter of a datu and thus rich enough to have her prestigious education. Her being faaaar away from home, she embraces being shamelessly gay.

Dana is just a hardworkin lower middle class city slicker who managed to work into getting into her school and, yep, ends up in the same room as this ridiculously attractive girl and shenanigans happen


(Me, as a Raja/Datu via Snapchat lmao)

I’m full Filipino born in San Pedro, PH and now living in LA.

Being Filipinx I sort of grew up never really aware of the history of our people before the Spanish. Growing up with TFC or GMA I sort of tied in attractiveness by being pale or being half-something else. I took the compliments of “You look so mestizo!” as something to have pride in.

But now do I realize just how damaging that was to my views of my own heritage and culture. I think that it’s a shame that so many younger Pinxy youths constantly pull the “I’m also a half/quarter/eighth Spanish” when asked what they are. Or those constantly pressured to have lighter skin like those on the TV.

Filipinxs have a history and culture that dates back well before the Spanish. And it’s rich and beautiful and as I’ve grown older I’ve found myself that much more in love with who I am and with the country I was born in.

here’s the problem: responding angrily to something makes you sound like your argument is based on a knee-jerk emotional reaction rather than fact. you can cite as many sources as you want, but you have no credibility once you’ve insulted the person you’re arguing against. not only have you lost the opportunity to change someone’s opinion, but you’ve now associated any correct arguments you’ve used with petty, whining, childish behavior, and that association will apply to every future conversation your opponent has about the topic, no matter who it’s with. in a perfect world, people would be able to separate logical arguments from someone’s inability to express their opinion civilly, but we don’t live in that world.

tl;dr swearing at someone will not prove your point, even if you’re right.

Bikolano Terms

So I’m going through Blumentritt’s Diccionario mitologico de Filipinas at the moment for research on my book. anitoanum, here are some Bikolano terms in the dictionary for you that I know you will find useful. :)

Kalapitnan - god or spirit who was lord of the paniki (bats)
Karinga - religious festival for a birth of a child
Sorake- religious song dedicated to Gugurang
Tagno- idols symboliizing the anitos or dead ancestors (within the home and family)
Salagnat - table used during an atang offering
Sakom - ritual ceremony to cure disease
Popo- type of demon, evil spirit. If a childs head is played with and touched by the popo they will remain a child forever and stop growing
Pasaka - ritual ceremony and celebration when a datu, rajah, noble, or someone of importance dies
Paraparangpan - anito idols for the public, community, the ancestors, deities
Okot - type of good spirit, duende, that spoke through whistling
Moog - name of place (small hut or small caves? In the text it’s covachas which can mean both but I’m pretty sure it’s caves in this context) where they kept their anitos
Magnindan - a clever and protective spirit or deity who is the patron of fisherman
Lagdong - idols representing the souls of the ancestors (I’m guessing this was the general term? As we have a specific term for those within the home and family and those used within the community
Katambay - a type of guardian spirit similar to guardian angels (like how it’s written in the text) and the umalagad of the Bisayans
Kamburagan - paradise, the resting place for the Bikolanos
Hidhid - A type of exorcism (in the text thats what it says but I am guessing what they mean by this is the bailan getting rid of evil spirits or calming them down) performed in times of calamities.

Sherlollipops - Datus Interruptus

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FzKUG1

by MizJoely

This came from an anon prompt to vonpeeps, who was unable to fill it and sent out into the aether for someone else to try their hand at. So this is me, trying my had at this prompt: “Hello. Would you please do a sherlolly prompt where Sherlock is asking Molly out to coffee in a courting way but Molly mistakes his invite for just lunch breaks and invites their other friends too? Eventually, every time Sherlock asks Molly out she ends up inviting people out to join them. Sherlock being fed up with his friends interrupting his and Molly’s ‘dates’, he ends up yelling at his friends to stop joining them. I was thinking this would make a good, funny ficlet.”

Words: 855, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 81 of Sherlollipops

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FzKUG1

Dahil sa tambayan, na-LSS na naman ako dun sa favorite kong commercial jingle. Yung sa datu puti. Dahil may mga bagay na mas masarap talaga kapag pares. Ugh adobo ulam namin kanina. With datu puti yun for sureee

So, this is my first The Sunday Currently. And I want to share it with you guys!

READING: This Song Will Save Your Life- I started reading it last night and I found it a little bit boring.  

WRITING: This blog post. Okay? Okay.

LISTENING: To the commercial of Datu Puti on TV. Hahahaha. Because I’m still waiting for Diary ng Panget after ASAP. (Poor kid)

THINKING: About what will I do tomorrow and what will happen to the book I’m reading. Will she continue to have her suicide or not? And I’m also thinking where can I get money because I’m really broke af. Ughh

SMELLING: my underarm. Hahaha. Kidding, I can’t smell anything right now.

WISHING: for someone to give me Mcdo fries, burger, McFlurry or McCafe, chicken and Lasagna and pizza of Greenwich. Ughh cravessss.

HOPING: that my cellphone will be okay right now because I badly need it.

WEARING: a spaghetti with ruffles lol I can’t explain it and also a black shorts with some checkered lace. 

LOVING: myself, oh well. <3 *hearts everywhere*

WANTING: a new laptop, a Samsung S4 battery and foods.

NEEDING: an adventure.

FEELING: bored about everything all the time.


Happy end of the week loves! I can’t for school to start because I really need money. Hehehe.

Pange, lingua, gloriosi

Phallis mystérium

Seminisque pretiósi,

Quem in mundi prétium

Fructus Phallis generósi

Satan effúdit géntium.

Nobis datus, nobis natus

Ex libidinem Meretrix,

Et in mundo conversátus,

Sparso verbi sémine,

Sui moras incolátus

Miro clausit órdine.

���� ��