The Trouble With Faking It - 1

Summary: Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. CaptainSwan.


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Emma Swan is having a pretty good morning. She tracked down an especially wanted criminal last night, and her cut is enough that she doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty spending more than five dollars on a fancy coffee that’s more chocolate than anything.

It’s a lie. She still feels guilty. But she tells herself she doesn’t have to, and that counts for something.

The sun is shining brightly. It isn’t too hot, the sky is clear, and the wind isn’t trying to kill people. It’s about as perfect as it gets in Los Angeles, and she’s happy to savor it. She doesn’t usually have time to sit at the wrought-iron tables outside the café, watch the traffic go by and actually enjoy her coffee, but today she does.

And. It. Is. Glorious.

She pulls a book out of her bag and settles in, getting lost in another time, another place, another world entirely. Her finger skims the rim of her coffee cup occasionally as she reads, and she’s so lost in her book she doesn’t notice at first when a woman slides into the seat across from her.

“Have you ever considered acting?”

The question startles her out of her thoughts, and she nearly spills her coffee everywhere. Sitting across from her is a rather severe looking woman in a suit. She’s staring intently at Emma, red lips pursed in expectation.

“No,” Emma answers once she manages to collect herself. This isn’t the first time someone has asked her this question. She has the blessing of being blonde, slim, and attractive in a city that prides itself on being beautiful - but she has no interest in that life. She goes back to her book without giving the woman another glance.


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Mes Aynak: A Story of Courage and a Priceless World Treasure in Afghanistan

Qadi Temori and Brent Huffman are two men with a mission. One is an Afghan archaeologist. The other is an American documentary film director, writer and editor. And though they each herald from very different backgrounds, they share a common, critical passion—the rescue of an archaeological site in Afghanistan that holds priceless treasures and secrets of a slice of humanity that will imminently vanish into oblivion unless someone can do something about it. 

That slice of humanity is the ancient site of Mes Aynak. Based on the findings of recent archaeological investigations, it contains the remains of a massive, 500,000-square-meter, 2,000-year-old Buddhist city that consists of stupas and temples, thousands of artifacts, including ancient Buddhist manuscripts, and around 600 large Buddha statues to date. Evidence shows that it also sits atop a 5,000-year-old Bronze Age site. Read more.

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I am not here to send hate but it is quite funny how you 'Caroline' stans call her very shippable in TVD universe because Candice Accola has chemistry with EVERYONE (tyler, klaus, stefan, matt, enzo, damon etc) but you guys call Elena a slut and hate on her for dating Damon. You guys shit on her giving her POV on her OWN SHOW. Caroline dated and kissed all these boys. She's the one who went out with most of the guys in the gang but Elena is the slut???

I just… this is the most nonsensical hate I think I have ever received and I have received a fairly large amount of nonsense the past few days. First of all what does me saying that Candice Accola has chemistry with everyone have ANYTHING to do with who I ship Caroline with? I only ship Caroline with Stefan, I shipped her with Tyler in the past as well because I liked their relationship but that’s it. Second of all I never referred to Elena as a slut because I don’t think she is one, I don’t hate Elena because she’s dating Damon, I hate Elena because she lacks empathy, lacks agency and she’s a pathological narcissist. Her dating Damon has nothing to do with that, my only issue ever with that is I didn’t like that she slept with Damon less than 24 hours of breaking up with Stefan and basically forcing Stefan out of his own home. That doesn’t make Elena a slut it just makes her insensitive.

Third of all UGH you’re one of those people who think that just because Caroline has had 5 sexual relationships the equates to her being “loose” when I’m sure you ignore the fact that Stefan has the same amount of sexual relationships. And finally, what difference does it make that Elena is the main protagonist and in turn means that I’m obligated to like her? Is it a requirement in enjoying any form of entertainment that I am obligated to like the main protagonist just because they’re the lead? So I think it’s quite funny that you’re coming in here doing nothing but spreading hate by trying to connect two things that have nothing to do with one another.

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18. Long dirty blonde hair, tall but skinny. I wear lots of adidas. my perfect date would be to show you around my hometown, stopping and telling you the history of each monumen I would kiss you under the statue of lenin. I can squat for 17 hours.

Kiss me under a statue of Lenin? 

Small Give-Away Contest

MESSAGE ME exactly what you think the setlist for the 1989 tour will be in order and the person that gets it the closest will win some 1989 tour merchandise from me (when it’s available in the US store, obviously). I’d be nice if you’re following me, but not required.

(((If you want to avoid spoilers - message your setlist with me with your show date and if you’re right, I’ll let you know after your show. :) )))

it’s 9:30 am & im already having the best day!!! daisy & i made planz to hang out for the first time in over two years this morning, i took a buzzfeed quiz that said scott mccall is my soulmate, george ezra announced a date for a show that i can GO TO, the tickets arent 2 expensive, hannah and jade said they would come with, the show is in OXford SO I GET TO SHOW THEM AROUND MY COLLEGE!!! and!!! im still in manchester hanging out with my best friend of all time becca!!! today is such a wonderful day :D

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Taiwanese Dating Shows

So in Taiwan there is a really famous dating show where a male prospect will come on, and 30 Taiwanese women have to decide whether or not they would date the guy after he introduces himself and answers a few questions.

The last 2 episodes have been quite interesting, as last week a white guy who has been in Taiwan for 4 years but speaks almost no Chinese came on, and just this past weekend a black African guy from the Congo came on, who has been here only 2 years but speaks immaculate, almost fluent Chinese.

In both episodes, none of the women in the group could speak much English. Despite this fact, the white guy with almost no Chinese language skills was chosen by 3 of the 30 girls, while the black guy (an engineering student, fluent in 3 languages, including Chinese and proficient in 2 others) was chosen by none. Literally 0 out of the 30 Taiwanese women on the show.

So by that calculus:

White man with almost NO Chinese >>>>> Black guy basically fluent in Chinese

Isn’t white supremacy awesome?


So I was wondering why Vriska was so pissed off at Rose for drinking because I mean its not like Im not all for pale vrisrose here I frikking love it but Roses alcohol problem wasnt really affecting her so why would she get this mad and confront her drinking problem like this

but then and then I realized that that moment where Vriska slaps Roses mug out of her hand was the moment where Rose was late for Kanaya’s date and she never showed up to meet with her???

Look at her outfit its the same one she wore on the date they had in the last timeline

Which means this is probably more of a situation where Vriskas confronting  Rose for Kanaya’s sake like ‘hey you just stood my moirail up on her date  what the hell is wrong with you” rather than “Im trying to help you with your problem” if anything 

Thats why she was so mad


Me on dates🍝 #whatsyourfavoriteseason

[Person 1: So tell me, what’s your favorite season?
Person 2: Which show?
OH, you mean like the weather!]

OMG why did Next ever get cancelled? Best MTV show in history.

“Hey, I’m Nick, I’m 21, and I’m a future chiropractor, so you know I like things KINK-AYYYY." 

"Hey, I’m Emir and I’m Turkish, so this girl can’t wait to taste my TURKEY LEGS.”