Why this fascination with the woman who doesn’t know she’s beautiful, the idealization of low self-esteem? It orients the singer as a savior — the sensitive soul whom this girl, who has been slaving away day in and day out in front of a mirror that just won’t reveal the beauty she longs to see, desperately requires. These aren’t songs for young men, who, theoretically, could listen and reconsider their standards of female beauty. These are songs for girls who get the message that insecurity has romantic value, if only because it’s the necessary setup to the grand moment in which they find the boys who — god bless them! — finally pull them out of it.

By all means, write songs about how beautiful women are. Write songs about how beautiful men are too! (Incidentally, if you’re unsure how specifically gendered this trope is: Try to imagine a song in which a female singer says just how much she wants to make a guy “feel beautiful.”) But don’t assume we’re uncomfortable in our skin just because we dress it up when we present it to the world. Don’t tell us we don’t know we’re beautiful, and certainly don’t tell us that our ignorance to this fact is our best quality. We’re good.
“Why are you single?” “Why aren’t you working at an archeological dig in Argentina?” “Why aren’t you eating a pizza right now?” “Why do you have brown hair?” These questions all make about the same amount of sense for someone who has shown little interest in not being single, in working at an archeological dig in Argentina, in eating a pizza right now, or in having any other color of hair besides brown.

Plenty of people of all genders are single and would rather not be—but plenty are just fine with it. “Why are you single?” Because I want to be? Because I haven’t met anyone who’s made me want to change that? Because I don’t really care and have other things to concern myself with right now? Who cares?
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Open Season - Texting Games (S1 Ep. 8)

Three weeks into the experiment, Andi and Eddie reflect on their successes (and failures).

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I think people would benefit if when they started “talking to” someone new, they left out texting and using social media.

Imagine if people tried that...

  • There would be no confusion
  • No wondering why they didn’t respond.
  • No trying to decipher different text messages.
  • No being consumed by your phone while trying to enjoy time with other friends
  • No wondering what girl/guy is commenting on their photos
  • No imagining stories about their relation with the other people in their snapchat “best friends”
  • No seeing tagged photos and getting jealous

None of that silly stuff that seems to consume so many people’s thoughts these days

If they wanted to talk to you, they could call or plan a date to see you. It would be raw, real, and a fresh new way (while also being an old way) of getting to know someone you’re interested in rather than through the screen of a phone.