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Fluffy scenario for aone and tanaka with a male s/o please

Aone: Aone would probably be an extremely caring and attentive lover. Knowing this, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that whenever his boyfriend complained about having cold hands during winter season, Datekyougyou’s middle blocker would do everything in his mind to change that. Creating a memo in his head to carry gloves in his backpack from that day on, Aone would, with a pinkish tint on his cheeks, hold out his hand towards his boyfriend. He would be slightly worried about his partner being embarrassed by this action, although it would fade into nothingness once he would feel his cold fingers in his palms. If it wasn’t for the obvious discomfort while walking, Aone would probably offer his other hand as well.

Tanaka: Tanaka would usually stay quiet about matters that truly bothered him, knowing that it would be a waste of time to brood over them for too long. However, depending on how troublesome that matter was, he would gradually become more silent, seeming rather absentminded even when he was spending time with his boyfriend. However, whenever he felt his gentle touch on his hands or cheeks, his attention would focus on them instantly. Tanaka would feel relieved, realizing that his partner noticed the small changes in his behavior and cared enough about him to point them out. He would feel slightly flustered having to talk about himself instead of focusing on his beloved boyfriend. At the same time he would feel a calmness coming over him, feeling the bond with his partner strengthening even more.


yeEEP i made some more stuff for AFAID oh oh oh meet me at A34 i’ll be there the whole three days

Yeahhh so these are gonna be like fridge magnets hehehee

sometimes i think really hard about datekougyou being a polytechnic school and whether if the students use jumpsuits in their practical works or i just wanted to draw the 2nd years in them yeah we can go with that

(trying to revive my dead tumblr so have my doodle from today)