Tumblr followers, I am in desperate need of feedback at this present moment. I am leaving for a date in T minus 2 hours and I don’t know if this is too holiday for a date, or well, public in general. 

Sweater: Target (Mens)
Knit Tie: Ebay
Shit: Forever 21


Outfit feedback, por favor?

Date night (closed rp)

James nearly hopped down the street, heart beating excitedly as he made his way to Lucas’s home. The vampire had promised to show James his studies today, and that meant his inventions as well. He’d been dying to see what Lucas worked on during the night, but Lucas had always been so secretive. James couldn’t wait to see the works in progress, he only ever got to see the finished work.
Keeping his eyes on the rising sky, James finally stopped at the little house at the edge of the woods, heart stopping for a moment as he knocked on the heavy wooden door, hoping this visit to Lucas’s house went smoother then the first visit.

Date Night // BryanXLevi

Levi had gotten his small apartment cleaned as best he could. Everything was neat and all of his candles and incenses were burning in his house. It’d been a while since he’d had a date and especially after Lydia is was well welcomed. He looked at himself in the mirror and nodded at his casual yet handsome appearance. 

{To: The Hot guy I met earlier [5:00pm] its your blond date, i live in the apartment complex by the solstice, apartment 568 i cant cook for shit so its either all you or we are getting take out. your pick ;) }

Nodding at the text, Levi relaxed on his couch. Sure he was a little nervous but it was nothing the teen couldn’t handle. 

Date Night

Finn and Rachel really hadn’t had a proper date night since Penny was born. It was kind of bizarre in a way that it had literally been months since the last time they were able to go out together just the two of them, but they were really enjoying their family time together. Nevertheless, Finn was really excited to finally get to take his wife out, she definitely deserved the special treatment especially since she’d been starting to get back into work while still taking care of their daughter. 

"Babe? You almost ready to go?" He called out as he fixed the collar of his shirt. A part of him was still apprehensive about really leaving Penny alone for the night, even if it was only a couple of hours. They’d left her with Kurt before, but that was during the day and he knew she wasn’t the easiest to put to sleep. "Rach?" He tried again, walking into their bedroom. "Almost ready?"