New Guy needs to stick around for awhile...

At dinner he just stopped to look at me and smile, even when I was looking away. Walking me to my car, listening for the country music blaring from my car when I drove past him and waving at me, telling me that he can’t wait to see me when he gets back. He makes me so happy when I’m with him and makes an effort to talk to me during the day. I haven’t had this in a long time. I’m so excited!

Date Night - Max & Braeden

Braeden parked her motorcycle right in front of Max’s house and let her hair flow as soon as she took the helmet off. She was wearing her usual clothing, which was a plan blouse, jeans and a leather jacket. This was a night off in Braeden’s books. She was always working in some type of project. She was popular in the supernatural world. Werewolves liked druids to keep him check, while hunters like them to help them hunt. Braeden worked close to hunters in this case. That was where information ran through and one day she hoped she could get close to the person she was looking for.

However, tonight was not about that. A girl needs to enjoy herself and that was what she was doing when she knocked on the man’s door.

Bonnie & Damon: Date Night


"That you love me…" He whispered as he kissed her cheek and quickly placed a soft kiss to her neck.

"I didn’t say…" She was stopped by the touch of his lips on her cheek and then her neck. A shiver ran down her spine before a giggle erupted from her throat. "We are in public, Damon, in a restaurant. Let’s dine before we can move to such activities.” She winked flirtatiously at him.

Date Ideas

As summer comes to an end, here are some date ideas to do with your SO :)

  1. Go to the zoo or wildlife learning center (you can get up close with the animals)
  2. Take a walk together 
  3. Ride bikes/skateboarding/roller skating
  4. Go to an outdoor movie/go to the theater/snuggle up at home
  5. Attend a concert of an artist you both enjoy
  6. Ice skating
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Bowling
  9. Take lessons in anything! Cooking, dancing, anything you guys are interested in
  10. Take your younger siblings out with you— this is an excuse to go to silly kids places without being judged 
  11. Arcade
  12. Theme parks
  13. Attend a local festival
  14. Try a new restaurant
  15. Cook together
  16. Cuddle and have a TV marathon at home :)
  17. Go swimming
  18. Try a new local cafe and grab a drink
  19. Go karting!
  20. Play video games
  21. Break out the board games
  22. Horseback riding
  23. Check out nearby museums
  24. Look up what things are free for students on certain days and check it out
  25. Check out your local botanical gardens
  26. Mini golf
  27. Play 20 Questions or Truth or Dare
  28. Go star gazing
  29. Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  30. Try a new sport together
  31. Go skiing/snowboarding/build a snowman 
  32. Watch old movies 
  33. Take your dog to a local dog park
  34. Volunteer together for something you both care about
  35. Check out interesting local stores (vintage, antique, etc)
  36. Check out a car show
  37. Pretend you’re a tourist in your own area and check out the local hot spots
  38. Go shopping
  39. Go to an aquarium 
  40. Check out a local pet store or rescue center
  41. Visit an art store
  42. Go on a double date 
  43. Check out the city lights
  44. Plan a day full of things they like and take them out
  45. Do a photo shoot with them— self timer or professional!