[MECHA] Hyper Gosei Great.

Japanese: ハイパーゴセイグレート
Romaji: Haipaa Gosei Gureeto

Composed of: Datas Hyper, Gosei Dragon, Gosei Phoenix, Gosei Snake, Gosei Tiger, Gosei Shark, Skick Brother, Landick Brother, Seaick Brother

From: Tensou Sentai Goseiger - Episode 18

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com

Storage Q&A: Is VM Customizable DR Protection essential?

Latest Storage Q&A: Is VM Customizable DR Protection essential?

Data protection is vitally important for your business. But not only do you have to protect your data, you have to have the right data going to the right location at the right time. After a recent video shoot with Jennifer Gill of Zerto, George Crump and I spoke with to her about Data Protection and Zerto’s role in the market.

Charlie:Jennifer talk to us a little bit about how you all are helping…

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Actually, It's More than Actuarials: Big Data for Insurance

Today The Climate Corporation uses Hadoop and other Big Data tools to create hyper-local insurance that works for farmers struggling against the … more



YP Taps Goodzer for Enhanced Local Data

YP says it will add hyper-local data about products and services to “a select portion of [its] 20 million business listings” as a result of the deal. http://goo.gl/xnfRS3 @sewatch

I like to make up covers for bands that I make up, and this is one of them.

Hype Overdrive by Space Fuck Rocket. Debut release from electro post-punk engineers, Space Fuck Rocket.

Track listing:
1. Dildo wobbles
2. Data crabs
3. Hyper flight
4. Fuck the space police
5. Adventures through the anal sphincter
6. Eeeeeerrrr krrrrrrrrgh ching ching weeaaaaaargh (tribute to dial up modems)