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DuPage County and the southern half of Cook County were the hardest hit by overnight storms Thursday and into Friday, according to the National Weather Service. Midway Airport, Oak Lawn and Oak Forest took the brunt of the storm, according to the most recent data.

While trying to solve a problem of recognizing patterns in data today, I accidentally wrote a really speedy rudimentary backpropegation neural network to detect anomalous data points in ANY dataset with degrees of confidence. It worked, but also will work for a lot of other really gnarly things. I was really happy.

IDF officer blames Iran for conducting cyber attacks during Gaza bombings

Israeli defense forces officer claims that Iran happens to be involved in various cyber-attacks which took place during the Gaza war.

The Israeli military and civilian websites were under massive cyber attack during Israeli bombing on Gaza.   Talk about Anonymous initiating the #OpSaveGaza or Hamas hacking the satellite broadcast of an Israeli TV station, each and every attack was devastating for the country. But now a senior officer of the IDF has blamed Iran for conudcting cyber attacks on Israel during Operation Protective Edge.

During the operation there were a number of significant cyber attacks directed at Israel’s Internet infrastructure, which the officer said were coordinated by Iran, according to Haaretz.

The officer went ahead to stress that the internal system of the military’s computers which is used for various operations was not under any sort of threat which proved to be grave. Protection and safety was of utmost concern and that is why certain steps were taken to ensure that this security is established. The interface that exists between the military software and the civilian Internet network was diminished in order to reduce the risk of hacking. At this very same time, many cyber-attacks were carried out. These were primarily directed at the internet infrastructure of the Internet. The officer went ahead to claim that these attacks were mostly planned by the Iranian government. Iran’s coordination was claimed in the following words, “They made a very intense cyber effort during the operation unlike any we had seen before, in terms of its scope and the type of targets.” Hackers have been claimed to have penetrated into the official IDF blog and Twitter account and then tweeted a huge fabrication. This fabrication spoke that there was a threat of some radioactive seepage. This was when two rockets strike the Dimono nuclear reactor. However the hackers who hacked IDF were from Syrian Electronic Army not from any Iranian government funded group.

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The results of a McClatchy-Marist poll released this week found that 60% of Republicans would be upset if their child was gay.

The study of more than 1,000 adults asked several questions on LGBT issues, including “If you had a child who told you he or she was gay or lesbian, would you be very upset, somewhat upset, not very upset, or not upset at all?” 23% of Republicans said they would be “very upset” and 37% said they would be “somewhat upset.” In contrast, 12% of Democrats said they’d be “very upset” and 16% “somewhat upset” — higher numbers than I would like to see!

In line with what we already know about public opinions on LGBT issues, younger people were more likely to be accepting of hypothetical LGBT children. The groups more likely to be upset include white people, married people, people in the South and those who don’t know any gay people.

Other highlights from the study include the fact that 71% of people surveyed claimed to have a friend, colleague or family member who was gay, 37% of people claimed to oppose same-sex marriage and that 83% of people said that a Congressional candidate’s sexuality would not affect how they would vote.

The most divisive issue surveyed was over whether marriage rights should be a state or federal issue, with 43% favoring states’ right to decide, 50% considering it a federal issue and 7% unsure. 59% of Republicans thought it should be left in the states’ hands, while only 32% of Democrats felt that way.

Sometimes I wonder who writes the questions for these polls, but random as it seems at first glance, this is actually quite telling. Weird.