An astounding 26 percent of black males in the United States report seeing someone shot before turning 12.

Conditional on reported exposure to violence, black and white young males are equally likely to engage in violent behavior.
—  Aliprantis, Dionissi, 2014. “Human Capital in the Inner City,” Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, working paper no. 13-02R.

Aids to navigation and sending a location to others…….

A follower asked me for some information on using a smartphone to aid in navigation. Now as a rule I don’t really use my phone ever to navigate with, if you are going out in to the mountains learn the skills to read with a Map and compass.

However that being said a GPS and some other means are useful to have.

Three apps I have been having a play around with for my iPhone 5 are - NavCamera , theodolite and spy glass.

Nav camera - this app geotags your pictures with key information, such as date, time, position and grid ref.

Spy glass - this app overlays a compass on your camera giving you a bearing, key location data and sped and elevation.

Theodolite - I have found this one to be best in test. This one can be used to help gage distance, height and gives you your bearing aswell as speed time and elevation.

All in these three apps are handy to have to aid with your navigation, but are not a means of navigation on there own.

Great to send information via picture message to others to let them no your location. These would also be good for taking pictures to mark evidence or key areas for SAR teams.

Stay safe,


Apparently, by analyzing the words used in their papers, scientists have been able to detect some patterns in the writing of other scientists who are known to have lied or falsified data to get their research published.

This is good news for psychology, which is a science that is already considered “soft” by many other types of scientists like physicists and mathematicians.

The last thing we need is more garbage research to make the water even cloudier.

Hopefully that research will succeed, and make anyone who uses data for a living think twice about making shit up just to get famous.

In a similar way, I would strongly encourage UX designers to think twice about creating reports or presentations for bosses who ask you to “give them some numbers” that support what they already want to say.

Use data to tell the truth, only. 

If you use data to lie, you’re not only an asshole, you’re making it hard for the rest of us to improve the world.

great pictures with Brent Spiner,LeVar Burton,Patrick Stewart,William Shatner,Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden,Michael Dorn and Jonathan Frakes @ Chicago Comic Con last weekend