DASHBOARD, episode 1: Hey, Look!

Social media fanatic Kara leaves home for the first time to go live in a dorm, but what does an hour away from the internet make her? Kara bunks with noob girl Ariel, maybe to teach her a thing or two about the “real” world.

Dashboard is a web series about life in the social media realm. Tune in next week for episode 2! Maybe next week Kara will teach Ariel that ships don’t always sail =[

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An Introduction To: Dashboard

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First episode premieres July 6

Dashboard Series: Update An Entire Excel Dashboard With One Radio Button

In this month’s installment of my Excel dashboard series, I’m going to show you a trick that will give you the ability to control an entire dashboard with one menu — in this example, a radio button menu. For my example, I’ve put “months” in the menu at the top of…

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IoT Day 4: Bidgely Cloud Energy Monitor Dashboard

#IoT Day 4: @Bidgely Cloud Energy Monitor Dashboard - my first week of using a monitor, details about using system

After a week of collecting smart meter readings, I’m now ready to show results in a cloud-based energy monitor system – Bidgely – complete with graphs showing readings, cost and machine learning results breaking down my usage by appliance.

This is part 4 of a series of posts about the Internet of Things applied to Home Energy Monitoring.  I have a Smart Meter from BC Hydro, an Eagle energy…

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DASHBOARD, episode 2: Icebergs Don’t Exist On The Internet

What do you mean shipping? Like Fedex? Or UPS? No, not that. Okay, do you mean a ship like the Titanic? Don’t sink your ship? Your OTP? BroTP? What? I don’t get it. Well, it’s time for Kara to give you a little bit of insight into a world that makes perfect sense to her, so why are you so confused?

Dashboard is a web series about life in the social media realm. Tune in next week to see if Ariel really does get it and if maybe she becomes a Dashboardian too! Or not.


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