DASHBOARD, episode 1: Hey, Look!

Social media fanatic Kara leaves home for the first time to go live in a dorm, but what does an hour away from the internet make her? Kara bunks with noob girl Ariel, maybe to teach her a thing or two about the “real” world.

Dashboard is a web series about life in the social media realm. Tune in next week for episode 2! Maybe next week Kara will teach Ariel that ships don’t always sail =[

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Dashboard Series: Update An Entire Excel Dashboard With One Radio Button

In this month’s installment of my Excel dashboard series, I’m going to show you a trick that will give you the ability to control an entire dashboard with one menu — in this example, a radio button menu. For my example, I’ve put “months” in the menu at the top of…

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My use case is that I generate a bunch of time-series charts for various trading signals, and then stack them all on one page for easy viewing. Preferably, the tool should have simple zooming, handle many data points, etc.I’m thinking to use Grafana, but wondering if there’s any better tool to quickly build interactive time-series dashboards, particularly for trading? What do you use? via /r/BitcoinMarkets

History of UI - Looking at Playstation and Grand Theft Auto

When talking about the history of UI I wanted to mainly look at the history of it within games because this is the main form of media I am doing. First of all I am going to look at consoles, mainly the Playstation 3 and 4 and how much they’ve changed when talking about dashboard UI. The second part I am going to look at is the history and how much it has changed within a certain game, the game I am going to look at is Grand Theft Auto. There has been numerous game that have been released by Rockstar ranging across different consoles so this is the perfect game to look at when look at the history of UI. First of all lets look at the history of UI on Playstation; 

Playstation Three UI;

The Playstation 3 first hit the market in 2006 so the capability of its UI is first a lot different to the later Playstation 4. This was the first Playstation that brought the dashboard to the Sony series of consoles and it was a breath of fresh air. 

The dashboard contained everything you could access on your Playstation so it was a very important part, it was also the first thing a player saw when they turned the Playstation on.


The first thing I noticed was the icons and how much the dashboard sub menus use just an icon and hope the player knows what it means and it certainly works. This is something I certainly want to do with my UI, the better the icons the less text I can use and I think this make menus look a lot more professional. Icons are key! 

So what else do I love? The colour it originally uses. Even though you can the change the colours of your background and stuff I still love how the original colours stick to the Playstation colour scheme. I like how the user would navigate around the menus, moving horizontally and vertically is something I am a real big fan of. 

Playstation Four UI;

The Playstation Four first hit the market in 2013. This was the new gen everyone had been waiting years for and there certainly was a huge step in power, graphics and the dashboard look. I certainly believe that the Playstation 4 dashboard is a lot more clean cut and nice that the Playstation 3 one.

I am a huge fan of the design for Playstation 4. I have always said that simple is better and I think Sony went ahead and did this with dashboard for Playstation Four. I am a huge fan of the consistency that they have done by making everything like a square button. Information is displayed well and cleanly and the strong use of icons is reoccurring again. 

Grand Theft Auto Games

I am not going to look at all the grand theft autos just because there has been way to many to look at individually; instead I will be looking at 3 of my personal favourites, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto 4 and the latest Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m picking these three because they are the best ones that have come out and they have spanned over a lot of years. These came have spread out over a total of 11 years with San Andreas being release in 2004 and GTA 5 still waiting to be released on PC. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas;

Released in 2004 for Playstation 2 and the Xbox this became one of Rockstar’s biggest releases ever and certainly became an instant fan favourite! Due to the release date of this game the UI is very poor compared to the games of now.

The first thing I noticed was just how old the menu looks and that’s expected of a game like this. However one thing I can take from the UI of this game is just how simple and good it does look for a game of this time that is. I can’t really say much about this UI because it’s just text pretty much but I like the way it is all laid out. I brought this game up just so I can compare how much has changed from this game to the laters ones. 

Grand Theft Auto IV;

In 2008 Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 4, the first in the series to come to PS3 and Xbox 360. This game was different in the UI sense because it came out with two kind of menus, it came with the normal pause menu like all the other GTA’s have had, plus a new kind of menu. This new menu came up in the shape of a mobile phone, something totally new but really worked with the Grand Theft Auto series!

First of all I want to see this phone menu that Rockstar decided to include is amazing and I am a huge fan of it. I love how it makes the game feel a little more real and how simple it is. I like the look that is gives off and I would love to do something like this with my game because it doesn’t take away using the menus from then gameplay. The proper pause menu where you can edit the settings is the exact same though. I think they did this because why change something that doesn’t need to be changed, they’ve used it throughout the whole series and no one has ever said it should be different so why change it? 

Grand Theft Auto V;

Now onto Rockstar’s latest release in the series and their most successful game yet. With fans waiting ages for the release of this game it lived up to the hype everyone built up about it. This game first came out for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, then got released for the newer gen consoles and is coming out to PC in the upcoming months.

GTA 5 followed suit with the previous game and using the in game mobile menu to bring the in-game features to the players. This is something I think fans wanted in the game and they brought it back however this time they modernised it up and made it look a little cleaner. 

The change that they made with this game is the pause menu layout. They made it a lot more tidier and modern. Has you can see it looks a lot better looking than the previous games and even though I said it really didn’t need changing you can see the change they have made has been for the better. Overall I am a huge fan of the GTA menu layouts especially this game!


An Introduction To: Dashboard

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DASHBOARD, episode 2: Icebergs Don’t Exist On The Internet

What do you mean shipping? Like Fedex? Or UPS? No, not that. Okay, do you mean a ship like the Titanic? Don’t sink your ship? Your OTP? BroTP? What? I don’t get it. Well, it’s time for Kara to give you a little bit of insight into a world that makes perfect sense to her, so why are you so confused?

Dashboard is a web series about life in the social media realm. Tune in next week to see if Ariel really does get it and if maybe she becomes a Dashboardian too! Or not.


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DASHBOARD, episode 7: All Your Dash Are Belong To Us

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Remember way back in the first episode when Kara said that sexuality was fluid, but she did have a boyfriend? You know, that one we’ve never heard about since then? Or seen. It was probably because he was gaming 24/7 and she was on Dashboard. What a perfect couple.

But how do they get each other’s attention when the other is so distracted? Through their forms of communication, of course! 

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