When Daryl eventually gets bit in the show, all I can hope is that Rick will be the one there with his gun pressed to Daryl’s head. And instead of even trying to say goodbye, Daryl just gives a small huff of a laugh and smirks up at Rick.

"Forth time you’ve pointed that gun at me. Gonna pull the trigger or what?"

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here’s what happened 

okay i has almost the last one in line for the photo OP, when everyone passed, he was just hanging out with the staff and my father told me : GET IN THERE AND ASK FOR A SELFIE ! (we could’nt do that), so i got in and I asked ”Hi Norman can I have a selfie pleeeeeeeeease ?” And he said ”Sure !” he approched me when the staff said ”NO YOU CAN’T COME HERE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED  GET OUT GET OUT !!” he gave me a poutty face and i got out. when i got out my father said ” Look behind you Meg !” and HE WAS FUCKING THERE he said, ”i’ll give your selfie with pleasure babe!” he took my phone and we took the selfie ! when he regot in he was like ”shuuut” with is fingers and he was laughing. he was so nice and i’m glad he’s still down to earth. love him to death !

anonymous said:

You guys think that just because the show threw you some crumbs with the ugly promos it's now safe to lie about caryl spoilers and getting secrets from Norm On top of it all you decide to do some big expose of AMC twitter because Bethyl got a real spoiler from them. It's pathetic and ugly just like you and and that cat you are pimping out. What are you going to say when Daryl chooses Beth and Carol is left in the dust. Beth is more important than Carol ever was and your hate doesn't change that


Hi there “friendly”,

Wow! It seems like you have a lot of things to be upset about today and believe it or not I am actually sorry about that - it’s not fun to have so much negativity and worry in your life and just like everyone else I can empathize with you because we’ve all felt crummy about things not going our way at one point or another.

Obviously as the recipient of this “lovely message” it looks like I have had something to do with your current anger level and for what it’s worth I do want to point out that it certainly wasn’t my intention for things to turn out this way for you.

I hope I can clear up some misconceptions that have you worked up so much;

1. TWD did not throw “crumbs” to the CARYL ship through the promos released for the upcoming season and while I am not going to deny that Carylers are extremely happy to see Carol and Daryl together again I don’t think anybody is assuming canon based on those pictures alone. Carol and Daryl were separated for a lot of Season 4 so the fact that they appear to be paired up again is naturally going to amplify our excitement and joy BUT I am personally not assuming “romance” just because of the fact that they look amazingly fierce next to each other.

2. Your accusation of Carylers “lying” about CARYL spoilers supposedly received by Norman Reedus at the Montreal Comic Con is completely and utterly invalid. The person you are referring to did not say that she was given any “secrets” during her meeting with Norman and any interpretations of her comments and post that say otherwise are WRONG. I suggest you refer to the original post first and make your own judgment since I am sure the story has been misconstrued and twisted ridiculously at this point.
She is a very trustworthy, reliable and respectful person and someone I like so I am personally offended by your accusation. The slander needs to end!

3. The post you are referring to as the big AMC Twitter expose had absolutely nothing to do with shipping and it most certainly wasnt aimed at your ship. My point was that the plot detail referenced as FACT couldn’t be considered as such because in the past other FACTS from their twitter didn’t pan out and were obviously PR designed to promote the show. My post doesn’t have any “hate” towards your ship or Beth - nor is any specific blogger mentioned or called out. The pattern simply shows that claiming something as FACT without a reliable source and authentication if repeated enough can become so ingrained that if it doesn’t turn out to be true it can lead to both disappointment and continued tension in the fandom. That applies to all sides!

4. Your interpretation of Beth being more important than Carol is your opinion and not one shared by the entire fandom and obviously not in the CARYL or Carol tag. It all comes down to what character you love and identify with BUT since you brought it up I happen to value Carol a lot-lot more for reasons you wouldn’t be interested in reading. That being said Carol being more “important” to fans or even Daryl shouldn’t have to result in HATE but it’s becoming clear that some certainly think that way.

5. Your insinuation that I am somehow spreading “hate” about Beth is completely unsubstantiated and even a little hurtful.

Just because I ship CARYL and love Carol doesn’t mean I hate Beth or want her “left behind in the dust”! I don’t have the same appreciation for her character which doesn’t translate in HATE as I have never written a post deprecating Beth or Emily Kinney herself. 

I write about Carol because I identify with her and appreciate elements of her character AND I ship CARYL because that bond moves me in ways other relationships don’t!

*I would like to address the personal insults and cheap shots in your message separately!
- If you think the Daryl and Carol promos are “ugly” then don’t look at them!
- If you don’t like my blog or my posts then don’t visit my page and don’t read what I write
- If my opinion and choice of pictures offends you please use the IGNORE button (it’s there for a reason)
- If you don’t like the picture if my beautifully sassy cat then don’t look at it (he is adorable by the way and that comment really hurt my feelings)
- Posting two pictures of my CAT on my own PERSONAL BLOG doesn’t classify as “pimping him out”

I hope I was able to clear up some of your “issues” with me and my posts!
I don’t intend to purposely offend anyone by my outlook and I certainly don’t want to hurt your feelings or start fights!

Please block me because neither ME nor CARYL nor CAROL are going anywhere!

Ship yours and I will ship mine