Three Show-Runners and One CARYL


The CARYL dynamic has a proven, consistent record of significance for TWD!

The Carol and Daryl interactions were deemed to be important enough for the show itself since the very first “parallel” scene they shared in Season 1, Episode 5 “Wildfire” when Daryl handed Carol a pick ax and silently watched her free herself from Ed’s crippling hold.
Whether it was intentional or a mind-blowing byproduct of the ridiculously powerful on and off-screen chemistry between Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus that seemingly inconspicuous little scene set the wheels of motion for the magic that is CARYL.

TWD now has 4 Seasons under its belt and while a lot has changed from the beginning there are a few things that stayed constant, stayed strong…unfaltering…



The writers slowly but deliberately steady developed Carol and Daryl individually but kept them close to one another, separate from the rest…bringing it out in the open with tiny emotionally charged glimpses of what it could be…how powerful and how good it could be…how good it already was.


4 Seasons with numerous writers on rotation and THREE DIFFERENT SHOWRUNNERS!


Frank Darabont cast Melissa McBride because her few minute on the Mist impressed him so much that he knew she could bring something extraordinary to the role of Carol Peletier. Once she was paired up with the resident bad boy Daryl Dixon, Darabont knew that kind of organic attraction and natural ease between two people needs to be spotlighted and preserved.


Glen Mazzara took what Darabont discovered and made special started and gave it even more life and “oomph” in Season 3. After all he gave us the infamous “bus” scene, heartfelt “Stay Safe” lines and the unforgettable step-by-step insight in to Daryl’s grief when Carol was believed to be “dead”.
Prior leaving the show he was quoted as saying;
“That Carol/Daryl dynamic has become so important to the heart of the show that I hope the writers moving ahead realize that.” (X)


Scott Gimple took over Mazzara in Season 4 but was already well versed in CARYL speak and was and continues to be a documented Carol-Melissa McBride fan-boy.

Gimple has written some of the best Carol and Daryl scene and was the genius behind The Grove, where Melissa was finally given the material worthy of her magnificent acting chops.

Time and time again Gimple has come through for both Carol and CARYL fans - when it counted of course, and HE chose to highlight the CARYL connection even while Carol and Daryl were separated.



The best answer would be because CARYL is important to TWD and because it somehow fits with HIS bigger picture, HIS endgame, HIS vision of the story HE is helping to tell…

Why else would a relationship like CARYL survive 4 Seasons worth of complications, conflicts, deaths, separations, new characters and heartbreak…all the while continuing it’s evolution and slow burning but scorching hot chemistry?

Why would 3 DIFFERENT SHOW-RUNNERS have exactly the same idea about CARYL and chose to not just keep it alive and growing BUT actually invest genuine emotional investment into a bond between 2 people that are not going anywhere…whose relationship is just suddenly going to END and be replaced by a romantically cliché travesty that was not just born out of literally nothing but is as unoriginal as a trashy romance novel that we all know even Daryl is privy too?


Three Show-Runners - Darabont, Mazzara and Gimple have felt CARYL matters SO really who are we to doubt BIG SHOTS who essentially created what we love and obsess over in the first place?

CARYL On My Lovelies - We Are In Good Company!



i’ve been watching this gif on repeat for an hour & i don’t foresee it coming to an end now. lol

i love love love this tiny look he gives her.

it says fucking everything without the need or use of dialogue.

he wants to know what happened. and what she’s thinking. and what she’s feeling.  

and he badly wants to be there for her. to help her bear the pain he knows she’s going through. 

but at the same time, he won’t force her to relive those memories she isn’t ready to face yet. when she is ready to open up, he’ll listen & understand. 

so he’ll wait. 

because he knows that’s what she needs right now. 

and he knows this about her without even having to make an effort. 

because this is what they are to each other.

they speak without speaking.

just try to tell me they are not fucking perfection in every sense of the word.


Awesome video made by Goodaify on youtube. Thought I would share it because it’s very very well done and it so needs to be watched! Probably one of the best video I’ve ever seen.

Carol and Daryl | Caryl | Save Me

                                  can we just go over something?

                             because I need to go over something.

             sooooo not only did Daryl run - fucking sprint - to get to her


                   and not only did he cling to her and not want to let go


                                              or cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy


                   TWICE - while not wanting to take his eyes off of her 


                               but he alsoooooo did this in front of

                            ELEVEN. OTHER. FUCKING. PEOPLE.


                        please don’t touch me right now. i am fragile.