perfectdisneychallenge: Day 23-A celebrity you would cast a disney prince

Too many good choices to decide for just one. Darren Criss not only loves The Little Mermaid, but would make a great Eric. (he’s got the eyebrows for it!) If you don’t look at Matt Bomer and think how incredibly scary handsome he is, then something is wrong because he is perfect and would make for a perfect Prince Charming. Although Armie Hammer played Snow White’s prince in Mirror Mirror, I think he would be much better suited for Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty. I also wanted to include Avan Jogia as Aladdin, but couldn’t find good enough picture to describe.

And happy birthday to Darren! My dream Eric!

Darren Criss → Charming → Cinderella → Open

If you had a chance to change your fate…

Fredrick had no reason to even consider changing his fate; at the time that the witch’s spell took effect, he and Cinderella were in the middle of their honeymoon, happily married and not interested in changing anything about their lives.

…would you?

Fredrick Charming, his older brother Ferdinand, and their loving parents live in Royal Village’s wealthier district; well known around town for their wealth, influence, and most of all, their charm. Fredrick is no exception to this; dashing, sensitive, modest, loyal, and kind-hearted, it’s nearly impossible to not like him. As popular as he is and as much as he loves his friends, he can’t help but feel as if something in his life is missing and he knows just what it is. True love. He dreams of having the kind of genuine love that his parents share, that people tell stories about, and he’s so desperate to find “the one” that he tends to rush head first into relationships only to break it off, albeit kindly, the moment things don’t work out right. Because of this, Fredrick comes off as a bit of a player, but his lovable nature keeps anyone from thinking bad of him, and he’ll continue to search for that special someone until he succeeds.