We stand at the threshold of a great dawning. Something deep within life is changing. An era is ending. And at the very core of creation something new is being born. We are awakening from a long collective sleep. An in vitro dreaming deep within the womb of our Mother Earth. Now is the time of a great shifting of cosmic wheels which will result in the reformation of our earth and trigger a radical shift in consciousness.
—  metamorphosis by darpan
I open my heart to the language of light.
Receiving with grace, the gift of second sight.
Prepare the way for the great rebirth; the co-creation of heaven on earth…peace on earth …
—  Darpan, Peace Invocation
deep peace on the running wave to you
deep peace on the flowing wind to you
deep peace from the quiet earth to you
deep peace from the gentle night to you

may the full moon and the stars
pour their healing light on you
deep peace to you.
—  darpan