SCR's Characters vs Revanites

Jallira (Jedi Consular): “This whole situation is made of nerf but at least it proves that we can work together and — oh, Lord ‘stab them with joy’ you are made of creepy!”

Kyr’ulla (Jedi Knight): “I’m working with WHO? Defeating WHAT? …oh this is going to be awesome…”

Ellyrais (Trooper): “This is Forcey nerfshit and I am mostly here because Darok is an asshole and if ANY of those Imp scum so much as LOOK at me funny I am punching their lights out. And no, I am NOT taking prisoners; last time I did that, you let them GO, you assholes.”

Mychae: (Smuggler): “You’re pinning your hopes for the galaxy on a scruffy cantina rat. AGAIN. What are you blowing the military budget on that you need a privateer for this? …Oh well. I’ll be drinking off this story for YEARS.” *pulls blasters* “WHO WANTS SOME?”