Been kicking around the idea of doing my own spin on Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera.

Based on my interpretation of the story, Raoul, who usually is depicted as a dashing hero type, is this precious dandy baby.  He’s sheltered and naive and just a little ridiculous, but he means well.

Then there’s the Persian/Daroga. The people of the Opera are a bit frightened of him.  He’s this big intimidating presence who’s always lurking around. He’s actually a very empathetic, it just keeps getting him into trouble.

And Christine. Christine is a haunted young woman in more ways than one.  Never fully recovered from the death of her father Christine is left this faded version of herself. She’s clearly vulnerable and finds solitude in the Voice teaching her to sing, even when she suspects it might be a delusion. 

No but guys, what if Erik wasn’t dying at the end. What if he was just being a huge drama llama about the whole thing and Nadir finally has enough of Erik’s weeks of crying and eating sweet cakes and getting crumbs all over his couch, and is like “Erik, you’re not dying! You have a cold! You can’t live the rest of your life on my couch!”

"But Christine kissed me. I’m dying of happiness."

"Erik, people don’t die of happiness! If you want proof, GET YOUR ASS UP OFF MY COUCH AND SEE IF I DIE!"

"Geez, Nadir. Looks like SOMEONE’S dying of nastiness!"