Tarot Care

Hello Darlings,

I could ramble on and on about how to care for your tarot cards but instead I’ll make a bullet list to make it easier to grasp and if you have any further questions then just shoot me an ask. 

  • Practice spreads.
  • Cleanse cards regularly.
  • Cleanse yourself regularly.
  • Don’t read cards while sad, angry, hateful, or other negative emotions.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with someone holding your cards, don’t let them hold them.
  • Don’t feel pressured to always read. You can take breaks from it.
  • Reading is exhausting, remember to drink, eat, and take breaks.
  • Keep them in a safe dry place. (A pouch, a box, a chest, and ect.)
  • Do not read just because your friends or acquaintances bully you into it.
  • Cleanse your aura regularly.
  • When first getting a new deck, let yourself and the cards become familiar with each other. If you read your new deck the moment you get it then 9/10s it will be inaccurate. 
  • Make a safe nest or area that you are comfortable reading in. 
  • If you are comfortable then your cards are comfortable.
  • I cannot stress enough to cleanse your cards regularly.
  • Do not buy a tarot card deck because you think its funny. They are not toys. 
  • If you have a dispute with your cards then try to make it up to them. Don’t let it become drawn out.
  • Don’t ignore your cards. 
  • Cleanse your cards regularly.
  • And most important, be safe and have fun!

If you want to add on to this list feel free to do so.

headcanon where the only other time garnet ever split back into ruby and sapphire was when rose gave birth to steven and gave up her physical form. ruby and sapphire mourning, ruby pacing around her room and raging, while sapphire sings softly alone and wailing on the hill at night. a week passes, and ruby and sapphire meet at the conjunction of their rooms, silent for a few minutes before tears roll down ruby’s cheeks and sapphire gathers her up in her arms. sapphire stroking ruby’s head as she buries her face into sapphire’s shoulder, crying as softly as possible. they sit there like that, quietly, together. when ruby stops, they both vow to always protect steven, to always look out for him, no matter what. laying their hands together and touching foreheads, they fuse, and garnet stands. she promises to be there for steven universe, a human. a crystal gem. always for him. for rose.