@jiandra_alda: When you do your own fashion accessories and more. (*¯︶¯*)

What I currently own and use when all dressed up. It would seem that the Gemini in me are evidently polar opposites, indeed! *laughs*

In no particular order:
*Dark~Sweet~Soul (fb.com/DarkSweetSoul) - Spiked and with Roses Headbands, Thigh Garters and Gothic Rosary.

*M’Lady (@mladyph | fb.com/MLadyPH)- Cute Headbows and Bow Ties and Sweet Bow Collar and Sweet Rosary with Sparkly Crown Pendant.

I do custom made, commissions and requests. Aaaaand I also do international shipping!

CUSTOM made accessories for me by Dark Sweet Soul :3

Custom made headband and wrist cuff for me from one of my favorite shops/people Dark Sweet Soul. Aren’t they DIVINE. So excited to receive them and flaunt. *wink*

here’s the item description:




well anyway,Dark Sweet Soul. creates awesomely unique and handmade accessories inspired by Gothic, Punk, Rock, Lolita and Steampunk. rest assured that each item you buy from them is unique or are in limited stocks. <3 

Dark Sweet Soul is an awesome shop and the people are easy and fun to talk and work with. :3 

please do go to their page by clicking Dark Sweet Soul and browse their current collections or have custom orders from them. you won’t be dissapointed. :3