I'm really hoping that dark souls would become a long running franchise with a line of spin off games.
  • Dark Souls 6: Ornstein Returns
  • Turbo Soul Fighter III: Rekindled tournament edition HD
  • Dark Skate: Grindlord Nito
  • Kart Souls: Bonfire Burnout
  • Dark Souls 30XX “Glitched undecked, seek larger soulcreds”

After finally playing through a good chunk of Dark Souls 2, I now really understand some of Pat’s gripes about it during the Playthrough.

Stuff like the Skeleton Lords and Covetous Demon aren’t even real boss fights, Earthen Peak and Iron Keep having cool parts about it, but overall seem incoherent and poorly thought out, bullshit hitboxes.  That kind of thing.

There was also the standard Dark Souls fatigue that comes with marathoning it.  After going through the Iron Keep, Lost Bastille and the Gutter, the Shaded Woods just felt…tiring.

Lion-men taking off 60% of my health in one hit, then never flinching when I attack or block, and Manscorpion Tark getting bodied during the boss just made me feel exhausted.