Feriowind’s Cultist Newt inspired me: All of the pictures are cropped and resized, for the normal size please click the full view button.

I think the idea of cultist Newt would make for an interesting AU.

It starts off normally with Newt still working in the K-Science division. Until he is in the shelter when Otachi is very selective of finding him. After allowing Newt to live, many believe this was a sign of Newt being some kind of “chosen one.” (Also, Newts full body set of tattoos doesn’t help his case either.)

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Because of his interest in the subject/collective of information via the drift and his career as a biologist, Newt would have ample wisdom about Kaiju. The cultist believe he is some kind of “Kaiju Soothsayer.“ They seek out his membership. Being surrounded by a group as interested and eager as him, it was hard to say no.

Newt becomes an acolyte. Despite his “gift” he is still required to prove his loyalty.

His insight of both the hive mind and Kaiju biology continue to inspire and amaze. Newt climbs up the ranks of the circle and is awarded the hat as an Adept.

Time passes, he is finally adorned with the stole (sash) as the rank of Kaiju Disciple:

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Newt’s moral obligations as a biologist would make for a striking conflict with his faith. Does Newt always proceed with alacrity and honesty in his studies? After all, Kaiju are his idol, will he only choose to see them in positive light?

Hermann is constantly unsettled and worried about him. But he does not hesitate to call Newt out. At times, even dismissing Newts word as apocryphal.

"Newton, you cant just go around changing facts to fit theories!”
"You know what, Hermann? The circle was right, you are jealous.”

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It is not until Newt is almost killed by a Kaiju does he have a sudden change of heart. This is what it takes for him to question his loyalty and ultimately leave the cult.

The theme would focus heavily on submitting to cosmic terrors and the futility of actions.