december 4 drabble

Gigi’s apartment is immaculate. And tiny. Not as tiny as Lizzie’s, where an omelette can be efficiently prepared without the chef ever leaving the shower—here, at least, the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are all distinct areas, with walls and everything. There’s even a small living room into which Gigi has wedged a loveseat and coffee table. The windows overlook the main drag of Sanditon, and in them hang delicate white cotton curtains dotted with a pattern of cherries and green leaves. As she shows them around, she gestures broadly with her hands, her expression slightly abashed.

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change kind of aged you & age kind of changed you a mix for the darcy siblings

001 the title (case mayfield). 002 city with no children (arcade fire). 003 sloom (of monsters and men). 004 sorrow (the national). 005 get lonely (the mountain goats). 006 windy (page france). 007 young pilgrims (the shins). 008 the people who raised me (gregory and the hawk). 009 the mother we share (cvrches). 010 shake it out (florence and the machine). 

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"Hey William"

"See, it’s very nice, very comfy…"

"…after I work on my personal statement, of course. Don’t worry William, I got the letter from admissions and I will mention I’m running this beta test."

"Don’t worry I won’t let you down."

"Bye Brother!"

“Proving to my brother that I’ve arrived in Sanditon, safe and sound. We’re off to a steady start, and I’m sure the Domino beta will take off soon!”


Well I’m back from going to the Adelaide show grounds fair today. I got to go on four rides, only four since we didn’t have a lot of money. I even tried a ring toss game (regret wasting money on that), as I tried to win a sonic plush. I should have known I wouldn’t have won, the rings are to light, so they kept boning off the bottles. But I had to at least try, since they were the only game that had sonic plush as prizes.

I’m jealous of the USA fun fairs, as they have huge sonic plush for prizes…

I also went on a ride, I didn’t want to go on. But my sister kept pushing me to go on. It was fun at first as it swung side to side. But it got higher and began to spin. I was freaking scared to death, I was so scared that I was going to fall out, that all I wanted was for the ride to stop. I didn’t enjoy it, I was scared and I had to shut my eyes, praying for the ride to stop.

That was probably the bravest thing I have done in a long time. I will never ever go on that ride ever again, I don’t know the name of it but I hated it.

But I still had a good time, even if I did argue with my sister at one point.