Yung buti pa sa tumblr,

Madaming bumabati sayo, madaming nakakaalala kahet na hindi kayo masyadong magkasundo. Nageeffort na makapagpadala ng mensahe sayo. Samantalang ‘yung mga kaibigan mo sa totoong buhay, kinalimutan kana. Hindi ka man lang mabate kahet, Merry xmas.

People tell me to grow a pair of balls and drop my shit.. When in reality they’re the one’s who need to grow up and get a brain transplant.

They think it’s funny as fuck to spam someone because they’re pissed off they keep getting caught ban evading on deviantART, it’s really just brutal butthurt rage coming from an asinine child who likes to act like a cyberbully.

Yea I know those loony fucks are probably reading this now and laughing at the insipid behavior they’ve sparked. Like I give two fucks about it. Their behavior is gunna get them banned anyway.

On the Aisha DArama.

I think that after some research on what the fuck happened anyone would be neutral on the matter or be mostly on Aisha’s side

Since I’ve always liked Aisha and her art I’m totally on her side. That doesn’t mean I think she’s entirely on the right, though. She could have, after the Rai girl complained about the said white knights spaming her page, have asked for them to stop on a journal or so. BUT although doing that is clearly the “right” thing to do and would have prevented a lot of shit, I’m not sure entirely that I myself would have done that immediatly.

If it was happening with me, and I’m not gonna lie here, if a random girl posted a ridiculous comment on my page asking me how the heck I’m popular having such a shitty unnoriginal art, then well, call me a fucking bitch but I’d let my white knights do their thing all over her page. I mean REALLY? I don’t care if you were 13 at the time, that’s just a PLAIN STUPID move. Just stupid and uncalled for. And really, how do you expect that question to be answered anyway? The fuck?

Anyway. While I do think that it is comprehensible that Aisha didn’t move a finger at that time, there IS a limit. I’d just go to her page and see how much she’s been really bullied and decide if it was enough. Then I would do a journal like “Guys, ok you’ve had your fun, bu that’s enough. Pleas stop now, my lovely minions.” And be done with it. She’d have learned a lesson and shit and I’d be good to go.

But it wasn’t done and that is why I think Aisha has some wrongs on her side as well. 

Now the tracing problem… Ok, most of the evidece people provided were just plain stupid and exagerated, but some were pretty convincing. Still, you know what? The girl has over 200 Deviations on her gallery. What if 3 or 4 were traced. For all you know she was posting a fun picture of someone she likes, like the Tobuscus one for instance, that’s a tribute, it’s not serious stuff, I don’t care if she traces a photo for fun and posts it on her gallery, it’s her problem, it’s not her fault she has a gazillion watchers and shit.

BUT, again, she has a bit of fault on this matter for not telling the truth. The thing is that some images are just too obviously traced. Of course she COULD just have an AMAZINGLY good eye for copying, but she has failed to prove so on the livestreams she said she’d do and all but didn’t, so I do believe that yes, some were traced. And I’m puting the wrongdoing not on her tracing, but on her not telling or not proving us wrong.

Now this Rai girl. I mean if I were to just compare her to Aisha she’d lose right there. Aisha is lovely and respecting with people, Rai girl, for all I read, is VERY rude. And then there’s this deal with she hacking Kas twice before all this, the fact that she’d been already nagging Aisha for a long time, her idiotic RP journals, her hipocrit ass, she just comes out as a huge attention seeker to me. Of course, I could be missinformed but that’s what I see with the information I got until now.

So overall this is too big of a drama over a little idiot child who doesn’t think before she types.

PS: I do think that it’s VERY mature of Aisha to lay low for now, since really anything she said right now would be fanning the fire. And it’s actually a very smart move on her part too, the trolls WILL eventually go away if you don’t feed them (like Rai girl was doing). But I’m just really sorry for her having to deal with this at all, it’s stupid really and she doesn’t deserve it. Rai on the other hand, asked for it. So if you eventually read this Brooke: I love your art, I love you as a person, I think you’re amazing and sweet and funny and I WISH I could do half the things you do and be half as adorable. Hang in there, love, and if you ever need anything from me, just ask and I’ll do my best.

Buti ka pa.

Hmm. Buti ka pa naka-move on na. Ako kaya kailan? :( Badtrip lang kasi naiisip parin kita at nag’aalala parin ako sayo palagi. Ewan ko ba. Sinabi mo lang ba naka-move on ka na para pasakitan ako? O talagang totoong naka-move on ka na ng ganon kadali. HAaayy! Wew!

Dear Hypocrite...

Remember when you said this?

"I am sick and tired of all the conflicts and drama. We all need to help each other keep the peace and keep the bad apples out, including wolfaboos and trolls. I just wish for peace and prosperity for AoW, nothing else.

The question is: When will it be enough?”

Perhaps we should be asking you the same thing. FunkyDobby asked you to hide the comments he made on your group page, which incited drama within your group—drama you claim you don’t want there. And what did you do? You ignored his request so that you could pretend you were the “bigger man,” and play the victim while simultaneously ignoring your own calls for peace. Today, I scrolled through the first twenty pages of comments on your group’s page, and all I saw was drama, all of which could’ve been prevented if you would just shut your ever-flapping mouth and hide the comments. Did you ever really want peace to begin with, or were you just lying, as always?

Then, this morning, you sent FunkyDobby two private notes. Oh, yeah, that “turncoat,” as you called him, he told me about those notes. Need a refresher?



So, you left the comments there to “expose” us? What’s there to expose? There’s no trolling within our deviantART group. There’s no trolling here, either. Your definition of trolling seems to be nothing more than, "someone’s not kissing my ass, it’s time to raise Hell." What’s more is that you’re angry about FunkyDobby settling his differences with us. He saw through your bullshit, too, and now he wants nothing to do with you. This doesn’t make him a “turncoat,” this makes him a reasonable person. Remember when I removed my group’s affiliation with yours because of your lies and how you were treating my friends, and you threw a tantrum? You were unbelievably quick to call me a “bitch,” quicker to hide the comment in which you did so to cover your ass so you could keep pretending to be a victim, and even quicker to wonder why I didn’t like you. Maybe it was because you were treating my friends like trash and calling me a bitch? You had no one but yourself to blame for that, and you have no one but yourself to blame for FunkyDobby not kissing your ass anymore. So stop acting so fucking offended when it’s your own fault.

What’s truly ironic is that you have an amazing voice of reason on your side, and you refuse to listen to her. Kilala-Light-Wolf is the only major player in your group with a fully-functional brain, and instead of taking her advice, you do the exact opposite. She told you this, and you completely ignored her, just like you ignored FunkyDobby:

"I just think we also need to keep those drama starters need to be hidden, or at least the comments that might trigger them you know? I hate how I cannot even hide comments here, some that do need it.”

You’ve made a habit out of ignoring sound advice, and it’s done nothing but harm you and your cause. Anti-Wolf has taken to hiding drama-inducing comments, and we’d even made a rule about mentioning you, your group, or any of your idiot cohorts. You refused to do the same. This makes you an enabler. And instead of putting a similar rule into place to prevent the drama, when drama miraculously pops up, it’s automatically our fault. It’s not our fault that you refuse to prevent drama in your group. Stop playing the victim in a “war” you claim is non-existent.

You stand on your little soapbox, and get away with preaching lies by appealing to the overactive emotions of your young, easily-deluded followers. They will continue to cling to your every word, and stroke your delicate ego, just as you planned. All the while, your name will continue to, rightfully, be dragged through the mud by those of us with half a mind to see through you. You are willing to throw anyone under the bus, so long as it makes you look good, and you’ve proven this many times now. You can scream “harassment” and “libel” all you want, but so long as this group’s name is in your mouth, we will continue to show the world what kind of person you really are.

The only one being exposed here is you.