No meio de 7 bilhões de pessoas será encontrado alguém, que pode estar a 6 passos ou tão distante que nem os 5 sentidos possam sentir. Essa mesma pessoa te fará experimentar os 4 gostos, pintar o mundo com as 3 cores primárias e a imaginar o futuro juntos com um casal de filhos ou 2 cachorros. E mesmo com todos os anos se passando nunca se esquecerão daquele 1 minuto que fez o seu mundo girar e parar na direção de quem sempre procurou.
—  4 milhas.
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ps this was our wedding song. my new sister sang (I know everyone says their relatives are amazing but she just KILLS. like. the girl can do Meatloaf and get a skeptical Queanbeyan pub on its FEET) and my dad played guitar (usually he just noodles with the dead and anything he’s heard or has on his mind, he learned it for me and took it a little faster.) 

It was perfect and I have never been happier. 

Baan Dar represents genius, sly innovation, and agile wits. He is the nimble escape when trapped in a tight spot.

Every year, during Baan Dar’s Boast, celebrants play tricks in hopes to impress the Khajiiti god of cleverness.

Those who succeed are permitted into his realm — The Five Finger Dance — and join in merriment, warm food, and cold drink.