My First Post on Dappered.

Completely slipped my mind about posting the link on here. My first post on Dappered went up on May 1st and it got a great reception. Started some conversation among readers and even a few small debates.

Great audience as well and the fact that there’s even an audience that stays active is such a great feeling. I’ve gotten compliments on the post, random Tumblr messages saying I did a good job.

It’s surreal.

Here’s the link below. Check it out if you get a chance. 

The Style Rookie - His First Navy Blazer.

Great advice from Dappered.com.

Some people claim you can never be overdressed, but of course that isn’t true. I went to a fairly exclusive private school, and prospective students would sometimes spend a day following around a current student to see what it was like. I still haven’t forgotten the prospective student who showed up for his visit, 8 years ago, in a suit and tie. The school I attended doesn’t even have a dress code, and to me his dress (which I’m sure was chosen by his parents) showed that he and his parents had a lack of understanding about what kind of environment my school actually was.

The range of dress considered “casual” is huge anyway - from t-shirts and flip flops to dress shirts and jeans. Dressing in a suit to go to the grocery store just doesn’t make sense (if you’re stopping at the grocery store on the way to an event where you’re actually expected to wear a suit, that’s fine). I think the most formal one should dress is on the outer edge of formality socially acceptable for the kind of environment one is in. Show up to the big game in a suit and bowtie and you risk looking like a pretentious, awkward dick rather than an elegant, suave gentleman.

Dappered Post #2: His First Major Splurge

Hey everyone. My new post is up on Dappered.

It’s about how I spend stacks of money on a single clothing item and love every second of it.

In no way shape or form am I a baller.

But I can pretend to be.


- Christian

Style Newbie - His first major splurge.

P.S. Welcome new followers. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out and follow my blog. Drop me a line anytime.