also i have to say i really love the city elf origin esp the female

i know it’s super triggering for some people but for me it felt really cathartic (is that the right word?) to be able to take charge like that, and especially save ‘myself’. the scene with soris sliding the sword across the floor to f!tabris and the guards with their “oh shit” is just amazing to me. being able to confront vaughn and fuck his shit up like he deserved was amazing. i’d never do it IRL but i have had ZERO closure with my abusers because i am too afraid to press charges — not of them, because fuck them, but i know what people will say when they know the circumstances of what happened and i just cannot deal with it

so it helped me, made me feel powerful and in charge, and while i was too late (I *do* wish that you’d have been able to save shianni, that was really awful that you couldn’t) i was still able to cut him into ribbons and it’s such a release.

You can not like Anora!!!!!!!! But dislike her for how she talks about Alistair behind his back rather than to his face!!!!!!!! Not because she doesn’t want to marry some random dude!!!!!! Or give up the throne to someone she knows wouldn’t handle a lot of things as well as her!!!!!!!! And would lead to whispering of conspiracy!!!!!!!!!! And killed her father (with good reason but he’s still her dad)!!!!!!!! And she’s just lost her husband!!!!!! Who she was trying to give a child but couldn’t!!!!!!!!!! And who was planning to leave her with the help of Eamon!!!!!!!!!!!! Anora’s as much a victim of stupid old dudes as Alistair!!!!!!!!!!!! Only she’s more forward about being willing to sacrifice things for the good of her country!!!!!!!!!!!! Anora’s great and smart and strong and wonderful!!!!

the buildup to the broodmother scene was actually terrifying and i was so creeped out and i was whining to nick the whole time because im a BABY

and then i got to the actual fight and it was like oh well, mage aoe lol

admittedly it would have been a lot harder had friendly fire been turned on because then i wouldnt be able to tempest/inferno spam on top of her

really though if this was in 2014 graphics i probably wouldnt be able to play it, the only reason i can handle the gore and terrifying plotline is bc it’s in low poly 2009 graphics.. i dont really have to see any guts, just like, some vague red shapes that are meant to be dead people maybe.

but yeah that was fucked up

Imagine mahariel returning to her clan while alistair is gone to create the memorial to duncan.
Imagine mahariel mocking the humans that now grovel to her and call her a hero.
Imagine mahariel weeping and telling of tamlens fate to her clan.
Imagine mahariel pledging to use her influence to aid in the uncovering of their history as she leaves full of sadness but glad to see alistair again soon.
Imagine mahariel and alistair grieving their lost friends together.
Imagine mahariel tho.

anonymous said:

How would you rank your liking of your companions in DA:O and why?

ooomg this is such a hard question

  1. MORRIGAN because morrigan literally gives zero fucks. literal demons are fucking with her mind (and successfully fucking with the minds of everyone else in the party) and yet shes like “don’t even try it, i know what your game is. wow warden you’re fucking late.”
  2. Leliana!! she’s such a sweetheart oh my goshhhhhhhhhh. and i love her voice acting
  3. dog, because he is your dog and he is the best dog. he’s so ready to fight the blight and he’s so excited to do that. i love.
  4. wynne because wynne is basically your mom and i love her
  5. alistair because he is a total doofus and it’s just so endearing
  6. ive done like nothing with sten or zevran so i am indifferent and they get this slot
  7. i havent met oghren or shale so they get this slot (but i expect to like oghren from what i’m told)

there was a post about wynne dying that made me really sad i hate this game its ruined my life.

wynne and shale living together for a long time even after she recovers her dwarf self. shale being by wynnes side in her final moments. shale taking wynne’s body to the circle and contacting the warden and the rest of her old friends. even wynnes long lost elf apprentice risks the templars and leaves the comfort of the trees to be at her funeral.

*deep sigh* wynne i love u. im upset that i cant find that other post about this.