"Olivia gets it. Like my parents, she came to Toronto as an immigrant, pinched pennies and worked hard to make a future for herself and her family. Olivia embodies the spirit of the city, its energy and its diversity. That’s the leadership Toronto deserves and that’s why I’m supporting her."

– Danyaal Raza Ward 28 - Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Update on trusting Danyaal

Danyaal: So Ana you trust me right?

Me: no.

Susan: (to Danyaal) So you lied? You said it worked? Maybe that’s why she can’t trust you, you lie.

Danyaal: She does, she just hasn’t admitted it.

Me: You do realize if your chemical making someone trust you was true then why don’t rape victims get a attached to the guys they get raped by.

Danyaal: Because they didn’t enjoy it and didn’t orgasm.

Me: Well your hug was basically assault because I didn’t want it.

Danyaal: I’m not going to stop until you trust me.

Me: Just like a typical guy, you want me to “trust” you in this case and what happens when you get it? when the chase is over?

Danyaal: I get to walk away (then laughs)

Me: My point exactly. That’s why I won’t trust you.

"Girl: promise me you won’t love another girl :) !

Boy: I Can’t

Girl : Why, is there another girl? ???

Boy : yeah, she’s short, looks just like you & someday will call you mommy ♥”