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→ A B O U T   L Y D I A   M A R T I N

Lydia Martin once ruled the school with her impeccable leadership qualities and undeniable charm. Although, she was also shallow, spoiled, and she often toddled on the line of manipulative, using her friends whenever it suited her.  Although her carefully crafted facade slowly began to piece away, showing her genius qualities as the years gone by and her patience grew thin. Lydia is smart and ambitious. She understood classical and archaic Latin as well as excelled in mathematics and science. This strawberry blonde is unlike anyone else. This was proven true when Lydia was attacked and bitten by some strange creature which landed her in the hospital for some time. Those who were accustomed to the supernatural like her friends Scott Mccall, Stiles Stilinski, and her best friend Allison Argent knew that this was a werewolf bite that could go one of two ways. She would either become a werewolf or she would die in the process. Lydia Martin wouldn’t fall into either of those two categories. She was immune. Lydia was kept in the dark about these supernatural occurrences because her friends believed that if she didn’t know she’d be safer. Although she was facing demons of her own.

One in particular was Peter Hale. He manipulated her and found his way into her darkest dreams, forcing her to do things she didn’t want to in order to raise him from the dead. Once Peter was got what he wanted he tossed Lydia aside leaving her confused about everything that was going on. Keep in mind that Peter wasn’t the only demon she faced her ex-boyfriend Jackson Whittemore was a homicidal lizard and her teacher was a darach trying to sacrifice her. Lydia was only brought into the light of what was happening when it was too late. After her ex-boyfriend left for London she was left heartbroken in need for a distraction. Little did she know she was going to get just that. Lydia had been suffering from severe headaches and stress, constantly hearing voices and finding dead bodies when she never intended to. Everyone thought she was crazy because she had no idea what she was or what was happening about 90% of the time. They called her psychic, but she never wanted to believe it. Although her powers were identified when she was about to be sacrificed to strengthen the Nemeton. Her screams echoed loudly, signaling every supernatural creature no matter how far away. Lydia was a banshee. A supernatural creature who predicted death. This power was a curse especially when wailed for her best friend Allison Argent who died trying to save her life and Aidan who she’d grown to care for over the last few months.

→ P R E S E N T   D A Y

Lydia is still suffering from the day Allison died. It’s a completely different situation when your best friend is the one who passes way and you can feel everything slowly slipping from reality. It’s because of this that Lydia is trying to take charge of her powers. Even though she feels a little lost and useless it doesn’t meant that she’s stop trying. It’ll just take a little longer to figure things out because essentially she believes that she has no one to learn from, but herself. Although this isn’t true— she just hasn’t had the opportunity to realize just how much support she has from her immediate friends and other banshee’s who are out there waiting for the right moment to jump in. Even though she’s still processing her abilities she knows that there is some good to them and she’s been studying. Lydia isn’t as social as she used to be. Now that she’s involved in the supernatural world, the real world no longer holds it’s luster. Constantly hearing voices and happening upon dead bodies does that to a person. Although she’s been planning and plotting things with her pack and new friends who include Kira Yukimura and Malia Tate. She’s still a little hesitant about what’s happening, but she believes that it’s the right thing to do.

→ W E ’ V E   B U I L T   C O N N E C T I O N S

S C O T T   M C C A L L  — friend, pack alpha

Scott Mccall is the one person she can really count on. Whether it be for protection or support she knows that Scott will always be there. They weren’t always on the best terms, but he’s proven himself worthy of many things over the years and her friendship is one of them. Maybe it’s the other way around, but there is no denying that they will be there for the other in a heartbeat.

S T I L E S   S T I L I N S K I  — friend, packmate

Stiles is one of her closest friends, but it wasn’t always that way. The boy had a crush on her since before she was aware of him or even knew his name. Although the feelings were never mutual. He’d always seemed to be there when she needed him or when things became a little too complicated and she could never thank him enough for that.

K I R A   Y U K I M U R A  — friend, packmate

Kira has been really kind to her these past few months and she has to admit it hasn’t been easy. After losing Allison who became a big part of her life she believed that nothing would be the same again, but Kira helps her to keep moving forward. It’s okay to look back, but living with that much heartache is never healthy for a person.

C H E R Y L   C A L I X  — stranger, mentor

Lydia has no idea who Cheryl Calix is, but Calix has been very aware of Lydia since birth. She had been coaching and helping her when times were toughest. The voices Lydia heard echoing off the strings were the woman’s along with the voices in her head. Lydia doesn’t know it yet, but she has a mentor and someone else looking out for her. Someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and who’s willing to share.


Lydia may be smart when it comes to mathematics, but when she’s dealing with money her self control is nonexistent. During her entire high school career she found comfort in shopping. Apparently, retail therapy is a real thing. She has collected quite a bit of unpaid credit cards which landed her and her family in debt. They have been trying hard to pay them off. Her mother took extra shifts at work. Lydia has been selling her belongings. They also went as far as attempting the sell their lake house. The only problem is nothing is worth as much as it was.

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→ A B O U T   K A Y L E E N   R A I N

Kayleen Rain was born during the dead of night, fifteen minutes before her twin sister Angelique and after twenty hours of labor for her poor mother. Their cries were almost melodic and often lulled the two girls instantly to sleep. They were loved by all the doctors and nurses in the hospital along with anyone else who happened upon their beauty, but it was their parents who cherished them the most. Kayleen grew to be very kind and warm-hearted and was well known for her motherly personality and distaste for all things violent or questionable. She was an old soul at heart and was considered very mature for her age. Despite her sister being her complete and polar opposite Kayleen was never swayed from her personal preferences. She remained a very charismatic and down to earth young woman who cared deeply about her family, friends, and world around her. Though the first person who held a spot in her heart was her twin sister and it would remain that way until the end of time. The two were inseparable and trusted each other even with their differences. The one thing they continuously had in common was their love for each other. Don’t misinterpret that, they still had quite a few fights and knocked heads on occasion— they were sisters first and foremost. Though they came together when their father had passed away. They were eight at the time. 

This was due to a curse that was believed to be on the family. Every man who has ever loved a Rain woman suffered an untimely death. They had a secret. The woman of this bloodline were Sirens. Their lineage began with the first light and would end with the first born son that has yet to come. The Rain woman were often sought after, but when Kayleen lost her father she promised herself that she would never fall in love.  As the years gone by the sisters found comfort in swimming whether it be the lake or the community pool or on occasion the ocean when they visited their aunt in California. Kayleen chose to be closer to the world around her and she favored the earth and all it’s wonders. She believed in bright colors and fresh flowers and often wore a crown of them. Life was a mystery. One that would turn itself upside down in a few months time. In the middle of class during their junior year a hunter came through Chicago slaying their mother as well as their aunts. Apparently there was a hit list with their names on it. Their mother protected them until the end and with her dying breath a haunting wail sounded through the town so beautiful and graceful individuals from all over turned and acknowledged it. Although it was the sisters who knew just how morbid it really was. That was their signal to pack up and leave. To run as quickly as possible.

→ P R E S E N T   D A Y

The sisters have been on the move ever since. Going from place to place until they could reach Beacon Hills, California where their aunts lived and where they would remain. Kayleen took over as the motherly figure as she was born to do and kept Angelique by her side through it all. As word got out about the dead pool list the sisters needed to hide their identities even further as they traveled and took every back road and stayed in every dingy motel possible. Sometimes they would just stay in the car and hide in the woods. In all reality Kayleen was terrified and often looked to her tougher and fearless sister for support. Even though she did what she had to in order to care for them in a way they switched off and cared for each other. It was how things were meant to be.

When Kayleen and Angelique finally reached their aunts house in Beacon Hills they were instantly sheltered and hidden. Finishing the remainder of their Junior online and rarely leaving the house. They were quarantined, but it was for their own safety. Kayleen understood and obeyed, but she longed for the world outside. Several months passed and a new year began. With no sign of the dead pool list in Beacon Hills their aunt finally let them go. They were officially Seniors in high school and all they wanted was to live their life. Kayleen wanted to live her life to the best of her ability. Though she is still weary of her surroundings and trying desperately to stay away from love, she knows that things will continue to be difficult. This dead pool list and hunt was far from over. Although she has made a few friends along the way like Danny Mahealani and Elizabeth Moore who somehow make the hustle and bustle a little more enjoyable.

→ W E ’ V E   B U I L T   C O N N E C T I O N S

A N G E L I Q U E   R A I N  — sister; family

Sisters are bound in a special way that no one can quite understand. They are best friends and protectors. They can be seen as the best person in your life or the worst and that is what Angelique is to Kayleen. Their bond is indescribable and no one would be able to come between them. Kayleen has watched and cared for Angelique through all her hard times and knowing that there will be more makes her job that much more important. You never leave family behind. Not when they need you most.

D A N N Y   M A H E A L A N I  — friend; classmate

Kayleen met Danny during her second week back in school when they were assigned as lab partners. They instantly hit it off during an assignment where they both refused to dissect a fetal pig. Although, it wasn’t exactly for the same reason— they were still fighting for the same cause. After that Kayleen and Danny grew close and spent most of their days at school together and hung out occasionally. It was nice having another kind soul around.

E L I Z A B E T H   M O O R E  — friend; classmate

Kayleen first met Elizabeth in choir. The younger girl was rather shy and cut off from the group so when Mrs. Traylor spoke of a duet assignment Kay made it a point to introduce and partner up with Elizabeth. Kayleen found Elizabeth adorable and kind and she welcomed those type of people in her life. 


Even though Kayleen is against the use of any type of violence, watching her family struggle because of her is unacceptable. She would use the money to support her sister and her family back in Chicago. It’s the least she could do after all the havoc they cost.


❝ Let me help you. ❞







→ A B O U T   M A S O N   R I C H A R D S

Mason Richards grew up in a common suburban household with a mother and father who worked hard to give their son the life he has right now. Beacon Hills, California was a much quieter town back then and safer too. But as the years gone by the population decreased and the need to move increased. Although Mason begged and pleaded with his parents to let them stay and eventually they were worn down by the hours of power points and pie charts. Mason was a very strong willed and intelligent child and found himself completely enamored by video games and comic books. He would spend hours trying to break down every pixel and animation so that he too could be a part of this surreal world. As he grew older his fascination with gaming never ceased and oddly enough the hobby made him a better student. The young man enjoyed math and science and was often fascinated with how things worked or how they were produced and tried to tie them back to his gaming.

During his seventh year at school, Mason became involved in several community sports. He dabbled in basketball and ran cross country— he found comfort in typical teenage boy interests although one in particular was not so common. Mason was in seventh grade when he found himself drawn to guys rather than girls. He found the aesthetics of male characters more appealing in his games and even in the real world too. Mason believes that it’s always been this way— he just didn’t think much of it because he was raised in a home where love was love. There was no label to it. So when he told his parents about his recent discovery they accepted him with open arms. Although his team was a whole different story. When he let it slip that he was gay many of his teammates taunted and teased him, but there was one who defended him and stayed by his side throughout it all. Liam Dunbar had been on several of the same community teams that Mason was on and they became rather close and easily could call each other family. Nothing would change that.

→ P R E S E N T   D A Y

Mason is just entering his freshman year of high school and it’s a very peculiar time in his life. He’s trying to keep his eye on the prize and that is graduation. Although he feels prepared enough especially with his friends by his side. It makes it a little better when his best friend transferred to the same school. In the back of his mind he knows that it’s going to be a little more difficult especially when he needs to watch out for him and keep his secret. No one can know of Liam’s past happenstances at his old school. All that matters is here and now. But, it doesn’t stop him from keeping an open mind about things like extra curricular activities and potential eye candy that is definitely walking throughout the halls. His odds are decent enough. If there are a handful of lacrosse players there has to be at least one that’s on his team. Oddly enough he happened to bump into Danny Mahealani during the second day of school, a fellow gamer and tech guru. It was refreshing to find a familiar face in the sea of strangers and it did help that Danny was really helpful when he got lost on the wrong side of campus. You could say that he’s settling into high school fairly well— it was an easy transition.

Although that can’t be said for his best friend who’s been having a tough week. Not to mention Mason could easily see the drastic change Liam is undergoing. Maybe it was stress about lacrosse tryouts or being in a new school, but he’s been keeping an even closer eye on his best friend. Whether he wanted it or not. Mason is a very knowledgeable and loyal person. He’s trustworthy and very vocal about his thoughts and opinions mainly because he wants to help just about everybody. Even his two new friends Violet Dixon and her boyfriend Garrett Haynes. He’s currently keeping up on all his assignments and has taken an interest in code and designing— hopefully that will help him in the future. Although knowing that he’s still able to beat Liam in every game known to man makes everything better for the both of them. Gaming is a good escape when school and life becomes too difficult. Being by your best friends side when life becomes too difficult is even better. It’s looking like it’s going to be a very calm year.

→ W E ’ V E   B U I L T   C O N N E C T I O N S

L I A M   D U N B A R  — best friend; brother

Liam is probably Mason’s best friend. They should actually be considered brothers already. Ever since they met at a gym session there was an instant connection and a sense of trust. Liam has never judged Mason and has always believed and supported him and it’s a nice feeling to have. Mason tries to be there for Liam in all aspects of life, no matter what the situation is and that’s not going to change. Friends come and go, but family is forever.

G A R R E T T   H A Y N E S  — acquaintance

Garrett is the douchebag of the group. Every group has one and even though his jokes are kind of crude Mason see’s that there’s another side to Garrett— especially when it deals with Violet. Mason isn’t as close to Garrett as others, but they do have their moments.

V I O L E T   D I X O N  — friend

Violet is really hard to describe. Sometimes he feels as if she’s been holding back just a bit, but it’s understandable. Especially when he heard about her and her sister being separated in the system. He figured that it must be really hard for her to deal with. So he’s always there for her. Whether she needs someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on. He’s always there for her no matter what is going on.

D A N N Y   M A H E A L A N I  — friend

Mason met Danny at a video game convention a year before. They exchanged XBox gametags and casually signed on and tried out newly released games every now and again. They weren’t extremely close, but an acquaintance was an acquaintance in the gaming community. It wasn’t until Mason entered Beacon Hills high school and recognized the attractive lacrosse player in the tech lab that they started talking more. Danny is a really good friend and Mason has to admit that he really enjoys the view— HD video games. Great quality.


Neither Mason nor is family is in any type of financial ruin, but knowing that Liam is changes things a bit. He wants to help his friend by any means possible whether that be watching out for him or helping him pay his debt. Mason would use the money to help others rather than himself, he’s completely selfless and giving. It has always been that way.