i'll watch you shine | christian & danny

Christian was nervous about the idea of coming to watch his muse dance with the boy’s permission and he had even stopped to get him a little box of chocolates that he’d attached a note to, briefly thanking the boy for letting him come to watch him dance. After all, that was what the least he could do for the boy who had helped inspire him as much as he had. Christian had behaved, waiting until after he knew the dancer had warmed up to slip into the studio, staying silent and in the corner as he tried to take up the least amount of room and stay as unnoticed as possible to not have the dancer lose his momentum by noticing him. He hadn’t brought his camera this time around, wanting to just watch the way the boy danced, but he’d made sure that his notebook was tucked in his pocket and he was possibly planning on taking a few notes of movements so he could try and look them up. He wanted to learn the dance terms so he could impress the boy, because dancing was important to him and that made it important to Christian. A soft smile spread across his face as he reached into his pocket for his notebook, flipping past the first few pages of questions he had for him, ignoring how the one ‘What is your name?’ was underlined quite a few times because that had been bothering Christian all week. He was determined to figure that out today.

Danny and Miles | Hard Worker

Miles got out of his car and walked into the hardware store. He needed some supplies to fix the house. He wasn’t exactly a handyman, but he thought he could do it himself. He kept wandering aisle after aisle, realizing he had no idea what he should get. But he pretended he knew what to grab, despite the confused expression on his face. 

Lydia || Danny

Was this seriously happening? Was Jackson gay? Was she still in love with him? Was she sitting outside with a big blanket wrapped around her body, tears steaming down he’d face and listening to the same stupid sad song play over in her head? The answer to all of those questions was yes. She hated herself right now for it, but it was still happening. Jackson was the guy that she loved and was in love with. How could that just stop for him? Lydia was very thankful for Danny right now. She didn’t want anyone to see her crying, especially like this, but she didn’t really care if he did at the moment. She just sat there, her eyes and cheeks red and puffy. She was staring out into the woods behind her house as she waited.

Can We...Cuddle? ¤ dannyloveshisarmani

“Danny? I’m pregnant.” the red head spoke into her cellphone as she stared blankly at the small plastic stick telling her that she was indeed pregnant. She knew who the father was because he had left just five minutes ago, leaving her alone in the relationship. Forever. “I’ll be right over there. And I’ll be coming with you to the appointments.” Lydia hung up the phone and began to cry into her hands, setting the stick into the trash. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

Lydia stepped on the stool that she had bought for herself a while ago after getting her new apartment. She had been promoted to become an apprentice at her job at a women’s health center for teaching Meditation. It pays her well and she’s definitely an important person there. Grabbing her prenatal vitamins, she stepped off the stool and sipped her water, washing down the pills before she got into her car and drove to Danny’s house. She had one hand on her belly as she walked up to Danny’s porch, ringing the doorbell.


Danny Brown - Grown Up